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How many 7 star hotels in india ?

Date: 04 Feb 2010   Group: Cities and Places    Category: Hotels and Restaurants   

How many 7 star hotels in india ?

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Author: Blackroze    07 Feb 2010      Member Level: Silver     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0

There is no 7 star hotel existing in India currently till 2009 But;
There are 7 star hotels under construction in India,one in Chennai [Grand chola] and the other in Bangalore.

take care

Author: Hafeezur Rahman P    08 Feb 2010      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 2    Voting Score: 0

Hi Gopi,

There are few 7 star hotels are in India, that are as follows;

Hotel Leela Palace, (Kempinski group) Bangalore
Hotel Leela (Kempinski group), Mumbai
Hotel Leela (Kempinski group), Goa
Still their projects going on in other major cities in India.

These hotels are Scanadavian (European) country group, operates in India in different cities, this is the only branded hotels got 7 star categories.

Author: Qays    23 Feb 2010      Member Level: Gold     Points : 1    Voting Score: 0


Currently the 7-star Hotels are under construction.Probably next year i can list you few 7-star hotels.Hafeezur Rahman mentioned some list of hotels.But these hotels are under construction and not 7-star hotels.


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