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    How can I change my caste

    respected sir,

    i am jay arora. i belonges to punjabi caste. but i love a girl who is rajput her surname is singh.
    i talked to her father for marriage, he was agree but was talking about the caste problem.
    so my question is can is change my surname from arora to singh so that there may be no problem of caste for their family member.

    help me
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    Dear Arora,

    Caste is by birth. You cannot change the caste. Your problem is change of name. You could change your name as you wish with the due legal process. For change of name you need to give a paper publication and swear an affidavit in the Magistrate Court.

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    You can change your caste any time in papers.
    You have to submit the affidavit from a notary public to the local governing body (Taluk/village/corporation) and after approval they have to issue the caste certificate. Meanwhile
    Apply for the name change.

    But the milliopn dollar question is that whether can you follow their practices, rites and rituals. By changing your surn name you will not become a singh. Get your parent's concerns.

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    Its not a big problem to change.
    You can take a new caste certificate from your "Zilla Parishad" office by consulting "Village Administrative Officer"(VAO)
    Certain formalities may have to be met to go through that procedure.
    Just approach the office and you may be issued the certificate on the same.
    Hope you have a Happy married life.
    Enjoy and give children soon and make your father-in-law happy.

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    Yes, you can change your caste. But if it is in very need only. Go to your panchayat/ zilla / distrct centre and ask for the formalities and procedures. It is not easy in government offices to get such certificate at time.

    Anyway Best of luck and happy married life forever.

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    Dear Arora ,
    Your question itself is not clear . It is presumed that you are a Punjabi and you fell in love wtih a girl from Rajput because her name is Singh . Because you are from Punjab , her father - being a Rajput , might be worried about the repercussions his hamily mahy have to face by your marriage . Real love does not call for change of religion, caste,nationality - however, if you so desire to change your caste , go to the panchayat office , get the form and fill it with an undertaking and other realted procedures. You will have to advertuse in the nespapers about your changed caste - that is all . This is only an administrative procedure and there must not be any objection from others for cchanging your caste .

    Go ahead, change your caste, get her father's consent , marry her and lead a happy married lovers' life. ALL THE BEST!

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