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    Statement of Purpose - MBA

    Can any one guide me to write SOP (Statement of Purpose) for joining MBA?
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    Statement of purpose is the same "aim of writing of project".In clear terms you state what you intend to study in your work. This is derived from your Research Questions and statement of hypotesis.

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    The first most important tip for writing a statement of purpose or an essay (usually for MBA) is that it has to be original and written in your own style and nobody else should write it for you. You can collect all the data and information but put it together yourself. This is your door to communication with them. They will get to know you through your statement of purpose.

    Generally speaking, it should clearly and coherently state your short term and long term career goals laying emphasis on your team work and leadership qualities.

    International students are not called for a personal interview and therefore your essay becomes an important aspect of your application.

    Besides this GMAT also has an essay writing section to it and so they will correlate your skills in both and check for originality.

    If you are clear about why you want to pursue an MBA in a particular university then the rest will flow automatically.

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    SOP is essentially to enable the evaluator to judge one's short term and long term ambition in terms of career and life and more so how the MBA curriculum would enable him to achieve those goals.
    There needs to be a clear link established between the ambition / purpose and MBA as a means to that goal.I believe a very general statement of one's aim will not suffice unless a tangible link is evidenced between the aim and the MBA course being applied for

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    AOA.I am doing MBA from Virtual University.When we d MBA,there are many reasons behind it.Some do because of trend running of doing MBA.Some likes management.
    So, i like to become a successful manager of an organization.

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    Write a candid description of yourself, stressing those personal qualities, assets, and liabilities that you feel will influence your graduate work. Describe what you consider to be your most important professional and / or academic achievement to date.

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    Well I would answer this question specifically keeping in mind a SOP written for a B-school.
    As people have pointed out earlier, it should showcase your personality; style and tone of the SOP should be unique to you.

    To structure your SOP in a better manner you can roughly divide it in 3 parts:

    1. Why MBA : detail out your reasons for doing MBA, why do you think it is your calling, feel free to give instances from your past, in fact it is advisable that every point you put forth is backed by an example.

    2. Why that particular college : the interviewer should clearly feel the interest you have in his/her college, puts in a good impression

    3. Why you : this is the section where you sell yourself, how you would be a good fit for the college.

    All in all, try to keep the language succinct and brief while giving the maximum information possible.

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    I quite like the way Sankalp has pinpointed the SOP into 3 clear sections of information that are necessary.

    The SOP should also create a clear connect between you, the college and the course, explaining how your life and career values will be enhanced if you are able to take up the course.

    I noticed you mentioned that it is a distance learning MBA that you're applying for. You'd need to mention aspects about self-study skills and reasons behind choosing a distance learning program vis a vis a full-time in-campus one.

    Hope these pointers have been of some help

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    In selecting any course there will be some reason you yourself have. You ask yourself the following questions to write your SOP for MBA.

    1) Why do you selected the course MBA? Lot of other courses are available then what is the reason for perticularly selecting this course. What you are going to achive by doing this course.
    2) What is your goal and what you want to be in life? Could this course MBA enrich you with the Skills and qualification required for your dream position.
    3) Will this qualification gives you a differentiation in position between the group. Is it a stepping stone for a good carrier and prospects.

    A qualified MBa is expected to be a good Leader as well as a good Manager. Just mugging the leasons will not provide the required skills. Keep all these things in mind and jot down you SOP

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    "So many of our dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable",

    Quotes the famous former film star, Christopher Reeve, bedridden with paralysis, giving hope and a new dimension to people in distress to look up to fulfil their dreams despite the many roadblocks in front of them. When one pursues the dreams relentlessly, the dreams do become inevitable and accessible.

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    Statement of Purpose (sop) denotes the reason for taking up a specific task or profession.

    During writing of SOP for joining any MBA course tell in detail the reason you intend to pursue that specific specialisation.
    You also need to mention why you intend to do an MBA and why from that specific University or college.

    Mention ur credentials in relations to the SOP.

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