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    Tips for removing dandruff

    Any natural remedies to dandruff?
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    Very simple home made remedies for curring dandruff are--
    1.Squeeze lemon juice and neem juice in a utensil except in steel like plastic container etc.Now when you go for bathing wash your hair with this juice constantly and then wash with neem juice it will remove your dandruff as well as provide glow to them!!!

    2.Take multani mitti(fuller's earth) which is easily available in the market,in a bowl and then add water to soak it so that it becomes soft for some duration(about half an hour).Now apply it to your hairs and wait for about 8-10 minutes and then remove it by washing it with water!!

    These two remedies i am sure will definitely satisfy you by good results

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    Apply curd with Mustard oil on hair for half an hour. and then wash with selsun shampoo.

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    Dear All

    I have tried all the things you have mentioned above but my problem is there.

    I am still having Dandruff.So please post something that will be positive result oreinted.



    Keep Your City GREEN.

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    Try this it will really help you:
    Apply coconut oil on your scalp after then juice of lemon,Leave on about two hours and rinse off.
    I am sure you didn't try this so try and see the results.

    Good luck


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    There are many ways:
    1. Vinegar- apply vinegar after shampooing your hair just rinse some vinegar then rinse with water.
    2. Curd- apply curd once in a week for efficient reasults
    3. Lemon juice- apply lemon juice on scalp
    4. Aloe vera- apply the gel the medium part of it on ur scalp on alternate days.

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    - Lemon juice is mostly preferred to avoid dandruff.
    - Oiling your hair keeps your hair smooth and should regularly put oil in your hair.
    -Herbal therapy to avoid dandruff in your hair.proper oiling your hair in your scalp should be done.

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    Cleanliness is the key to Dandruff free scap and hair .So to maintain cleanliness and good health of your hair you need to follow the steps mentioned below .

    1) Wash your hair frequently , say every third day .
    2) For first three to four days of washing use an anti-dandruff shampoo .Then stop using that and start using a mild shampoo.
    3) Never use cheap shampoo.
    4) In the day you wash your hair wash your comb , accessories , bed-spreads and pillow covers etc with antiseptic detergent or liquid . Dry properly and do not share them with anybody .
    4)Rinse your hair and scalp with neem( boil enough neem leaves in one litre water and let cool) water at the end of each wash .
    5) Use oil sparingly .

    Runa N. Borah.

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    Simlpe home remedy for curing dandruff.Fenugreek seed recipie really worked for me and my brother.Grind soaked methi seeds and mix it with shikakai powder. Apply it all over the scalp and leave for 20 mins.Methi is coolant ,so use hot water for rinse.Else you will end up with sneezing nose.If you don't use shikakai ,apply it directly.But rinse thouroughly since it will be a bit sticky.

    Wash your hair regularly thrice a week.Dry it properly.When ever you have a long travel,wash hair with hot water while having bath.We are having lot of pollution these days.Take care.

    Hope your problem solves.


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