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    I want to donate my eyes, kidney after my death.

    I want to donate my eyes, kidney after my death.It should help right person. Now I am living in Bangalore, India. Where can I find the good place? What is the procedure? Pls advice me!!!
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    Check it out at your nearest Hospital - as to where the Foundation like , Kidney , eyes , liver Other organs etc are located and you can pledge your organs upon death. You will be given a consent approved card , denoting your blood group and any other deficiency you carry , which you have to carry with you at all times
    You can be an organ donor. You do it through your local DMV. Just go up there and say you want to update your information on your license and you want to become an organ donor, and they will give you information on how to complete all of that. Not sure if it works the same way in India, but that is how most places do it.

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    I should first appreciate for your good heart.

    For donating your eyes, please note the following:

    1. Contact the nearest eye collection centre or an eye bank which may be usually located in a medical college or an eye hospital.

    2. Contact either through phone or a personal visit and register your pledge.

    3. Get an Eye donation card.

    4. The eyes of any dead person who has not registered can also donate with the consent of his or her relatives by law.

    5. Anybody from the age of 1 yr can donate.

    6. No upper age limit for donation.

    7. Persons wearing spectacles, those who had undergone cataract surgery, Diabetic persons, hypertensives can also donate their eyes.

    For donating kidney since you live in Bangalore you can just contact Manipal Hospital.

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    Hi Friend,
    Thanks for your good decision.Contact your nearest hospital

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