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    Is SAP a good option?

    I heard about SAP somewhere. What is it? Is it a good career option for BCA graduate?
    What are the future prospects after doing SAP and what is the eligibility for doing it?

    What are the essential qualities for SAP.
    Please suggest some good institutions in India who teach SAP.
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    Hi friend,
    if you can learn any programming language, you can learn SAP easily.No special knowledge/capabilities are needed. If you have idea about database operations in any language like SQL/Sybase, it will helpful for some extent.In SAP, there are many modules called as functional and technical.ABAP is technical module which can learn by tech. This is most suitable for people like graduates,engineers and computer literates from P.G courses.But, nowadays, any course you learn to get a job.But, if you have only exceptional tech. skills , then you will get a job.

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    HI Friend,
    If you are planning to learn SAP than it is a very option for few. Now a days many top company using SAP software to do there day to day work and they require employee having SAP. and they are paying good package. so SAP is a very good option now a days.

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    SAP is a very good option. It is part of the big ocean i.e. several big companies like Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, etc. employ SAP.SAP is very vast and you cannot learn it in one lifetime.
    -One has to choose between Functional Domains (Sales & Distribution, Finance & Accounting, Materials Management, Warehouse Management, Production Planning,etc.), Technical Areas (ABAP programming Language, Business Intelligence,Exchange Infrastructure,etc.) and upcoming trends like Service Oriented Architecture, Master Data Management,etc.
    -Once you select upon an area, then, you can look out for the nearest "Genovate Coaching Institution" which conducts SAP courses along with the corresponding Certification Exams.
    -The SAP courses have to be concluded with a certification exam in the selected area.
    -The cost of the entire SAP course along with the exam would be expensive (approx. 1.5 lacs).
    -There are many other institutions which offer SAP courses, but they may not always be legitimate.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    SAP also said as SAP/R3. New versions like SAP/R4 is also a very powerful database language.
    It is easy learning.
    Those who have MBA or BE can do it and get good job all over the world.
    Your knowledge is tested in the final module.
    It is good to do it.

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