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    When I access my friends desktop using team viewer,its very slow

    hello guys,
    my friend had a doubt in some website and he wants me to solve it.But he's far away from me.Both have broadband connection for our i connected and accessed his desktop through team viewer.When i was working something in his browser window its very slow for me to scroll his webpage down,minimize or maximize etc.,Why????
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    This May Happens Because Your Are Trying To Access Internet

    From Your Client Side Through Same Internet Connection Which

    Is Also Used By Teamviewer At Same Time To Transfer Your Resources.

    So Check That You Have High Bandwidth Connection On Both Side.

    256kbps Is Recommended.

    Nirav Mistry

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    yes both sides we have 256kbps nirav... so if im accessing apart from internet such as accessing his files etc., will it be in normal??

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    May Be Because There Are Many Factors Exists Which May also Work

    As Barrier In Your Case Such Like Graphics,Low Ping Rate Between

    Your ISP Servers,etc...

    There May Also Problem Of Graphics Because You Told That Your

    Browser Get Lagged Only When You Scroll Any Web Page.So Check

    Both Side That You Have Installed Graphics Driver Properly.

    Nirav Mistry

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