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    How to prevent mouth ulcers

    Hello doctors, Atleast once in a mouth I am suffering with mouth ulcers. May I know how to avoid mouth ulcer and the reason . Thank you in Advance.

    Regards, ranganathan
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    There are several reasons for ulcers in mouth some are trivial and some needs investigations to rule out any serious disease.Mostly these are due to trivial reasons like vitamin deficiencies and allergies, which can be cured by Vitamin B complex supplements and maintaining oral hygiene.Infective causes require specific therapy.

    To know about types of mouth ulcers and their remedies visit
    Causes and treatment of mouth ulcers

    Dr. Sparsha

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    here are the ways to follow for preventing Ulcers

    1) Maintain Oral Hygiene
    2) Avoid Smoking/Drinking Alcohol and chewing gutka and pan
    3) Avoid Hot Food intake

    1) Oral Candiasis
    2) Truamatic Ulcers
    3) Simple Apthous Ulcers

    1) Temproary relief with local anesthatic gel application
    2) B-Complex Supplement
    3) Gargling with medicated solutions (Hexidine)


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    Some of the way to prevent mouth ulcer(canker sores):-

    Keep your mouth hygiene(do flossing, use mouth wash)
    Listerine is one mouth wash which kill all the bacteria.
    Some tooth paste contain sodium lauryl sulfate known to be the cause of ulcer. Sensodyne, Nature's bliss are some of the tooth pastes which do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
    Use high quality tooth bush to avoid damages.

    Take healthy diet. Diet should contain vitamin B,C and zinc. Avoid very hot diet.

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    i am also facing the same the problem.
    i discussed it with many people and doctors and they all said that the reason behind this may be the constipation.
    keep your stomach clean.
    eat healthy and less oily.
    drink more and more water.

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    The cause may be different for different person.
    I got some cause by diagnosing issue.
    One patient get ulcer due to some gas formation , due to which he was getting mouth ulcer and I first of all treat him accordingly.
    Another case I got is due to deficiency of vitamin .
    Another cause due to taking hot food, hot tea and hot drinks.
    So avoid this as well as cigarettes , avoid much hot food and hot drinks.
    Brush teeth before going to sleep and in morning and try to gurgle using mouth wash .
    Try to avoid junk food and irregularities .
    Change your habit of taking spice and oil food and try to take green food as much as possible.
    If you follow these point mouth ulcer will not be a problem for you.

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    Hi All,

    I will agree with most of the points mentioned by Sparsha and Shashi.

    Mouth Ulcers have a cause even for me. Once consulting a doctor he mentioned me that this is because of the body heat and improper body rest. If you are facing this for a longer time, then would recommend you too use some good medication.

    Currently I am using :

    1) Flucon (Anti fungal medicine)
    2) B-Complex
    3) Zytee for mouth ulcers.

    (Note: These medicines are prescribed to me by my doctor. I would request to consult a doctor and then go for it.)

    I have mouth ulcers most often.




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    Treatments for mouth ulcers
    Some treatments will require the source or cause of the mouth ulcer being removed or disease treated. For most mouth ulcers treatment is easy and effective.
    1 Pain relief

    2 Creams, wafers, pastilles available from your drug store

    3 Cooling mouth rinses of cold water

    4 Cool chamomile tea. Swill it in your mouth then swallow.

    Prevention of mouth ulcers
    1Prevent mouth ulcer with good oral hygiene
    2Eating a healthy diet
    3Good intake Vitamin B, C and zinc
    4Avoiding very hot drinks and food
    5By reducing stress

    If mouth ulcers do not heal within 2 to 3 weeks it could be a sign of disease that you need medical attention and treatment for. Most mouth ulcers are painful but harmless. If mouth ulcers recur frequently go see your doctor for advice and a health check up.

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    hi friendzz...

    mouth ulcer is a filthy disease..
    You can use smyle get to cure it.

    Prevent mouth ulcer with good oral hygiene
    Eating a healthy diet
    Good intake Vitamin B, C and zinc
    Avoiding very hot drinks and food
    By reducing stress

    If mouth ulcers do not heal within 2 to 3 weeks it could be a sign of disease that you need medical attention and treatment for. Most mouth ulcers are painful but harmless. If mouth ulcers recur frequently go see your doctor for advice and a health check up.


    Ankit Gupta

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    What ever be the reason for ur mouth ulser..i can suggest u with the below:

    1) Drink Saagu payasam with little salt..not with suger
    2) take B-complex pills
    3)Gargle at least 3-4 times in a day with fresh coconut milk
    4)Drink lot of orange juice as deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to mouth ulcer.
    5)chew few Tulasi leaves with water twice in a day. This not only treats your ulcers but also prevents bad smell.

    Sukanya Kanumuri

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    However, you should practice good dental hygiene, taking care not to damage your teeth and gums. Visit the dentist every six months for a check-up.You also need a healthy diet that enables your immune system to stay strong and resist infections. It should be rich in: vitamin C from fresh fruit; B vitamins from wholegrain bread, milk and potatoes; iron from lean red meat and leafy green vegetables; and zinc from seafoods, wholegrain bread and cereals.Avoiding food and drinks that are too hot is essential, and you should relax and reduce your stress.


    Pravesh Surana

    Pravesh Surana

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