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    What is Vipareetha Raja Yoga? Give example horoscopes

    All of us have heard about Raja Yoga that when they operate in person's life, they make him a king. What then is Vipareetha Raja Yoga? Is it a Raja Yoga in unusual circumstances? Did Rajiv Gandhi run Vipareetha Raja Yoga when he suddenly became the Prime Minister of India? Are there combinations that nullify the effects of Vipareetha Raja Yoga? When does Vipareetha Raja Yoga operate?
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    Generally speeking,when the lords of the houses and also the planets deposited in those houses are considered to be undesirable, then normally one will expect that the lords of these houses and the planets occupying the above said houses must be causing untold miseries. But, actually, in practice, it was found that under certain circumstances these planets owning these evil houses and also occupying such houses cause very favourable results, which are unexpected and it is a ‘Vipareeta’ to normal expectation. Actually, when we enjoy Raja Yoga, it is ‘Vipareeta; and so it is termed as ‘Vipareeta Raja Yoga’. 6th house indicates disease, debt, difficulty and dispute; 8th houses denotes distress, difficulty, danger, drowning etc., and 12th house shows loss, swindling, secret inimical activity, depression etc. Therefore nobody would like to have any of the matters signified by these three houses
    So, please consult a good jyothisha for pariharams if any.

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    Dear Ramchandran

    Can you suggest the name of good jyotish to whom person can consult for pariharams.But the Jyotish must be more knowledable less professional/psychologist.

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    Dear Doctor!
    It is right to say that you can approach a good astrologer/Jyothish in your area rather from outside/online.

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    Vipareeta means dangerous. Raja Yoga is the major part of yoga. Bringing tongue to the center of forhead or even above that level is one of the Rajayoga. Like wise we have somany levels and parts in Rajayoga. It is said to be the cheif of alll yogas and hence named as raja yoga. It can not be practice without the guidance of guru (teacher) otherwise would lead to serious effect hence called as Vipareetha Rajayoga.. Transformation of souls from one body to another is also a part of Vipareetha Rajayoga.

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    It is not like that. when the lord of 6th house placed in 12th and the lord of 12th house placed in 6th house, there becomes an yoga, called Vipareet Raj Yoga. Similarly 8th lord placed in 6th or 12th and 12th lord or 6th lord placed in 8th house, it happens.

    Wish you a healthy & wealthy life.

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    Hello everybody,

    Among all the answers, the last answer given by "m rai" is absolutely correct.

    Answer posted by Mr. Govinarajan has no relation at all to the topic discussed.

    Editors are requested to award points / cash credits on the basis of expert answer only.


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