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    Lalkitab remedies

    We see that the ancient Lal Kitab remedies are gaining popularity in India. One only has to watch those astrological discussions on television channels like Live India to see this rise in Lal kitab remedies.

    Does anybody know books which give in plain language those remedies from Lal Kitab for various deficiences in a horoscope? Traditional remedial measures like Havan are expensive and take long time to show results. Lal Kitab is instant, in days.
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    hi Sunder Venkataram
    no there are no other books simple as lal kitab. lal kitab is the best.yes my astrologer had given me some pages from lal kitab.hey the remedies really work.i canted those mantras given for my i really secure good marks in my semestar should consult your astrologer for lal kitab

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    hello sunder,
    i wants to tell you that i am a Brahmin boy and both of my maternal and paternal grandfathers are astrologers and both of them uses bhrigu samhita and lal kitab for predictions and mantras .so consult with an astrologer for your problem.he will definitely tell you a simple way to solve your problem
    for any further queries ask me

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    hello venkataram

    i just want to tell you lal kitab is good as well as i know the
    one more book which is related to horoscope .That book name is jyothisha chandrika which describes about horoscope.

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    In our area, the astrologer uses "jyotish gange". This is coming in plain sanskrit mix hindi language. But they were also use Lal kitab for there predictions and remedies.
    But Lal kitab is more ancient than jyotish gange. Jyotish gange is scientific in nature, and relates well to the concept of palmistry. LAL KITAB focuses on the significance of birth chart, panchang, nakshatra and some chaghadia and all that.
    Jyotish gange contains arya times calculations, so that it is equaly effective as Lal kitab. So predict your future soon...

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    hi !

    As far as I know, there is no other book as simple as Lal Kitab which provides instant remedies to all your problems. It is a book which is easy to understand and it explains everything in a simple language.


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    This Lal Kitab will get from a good book depo

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