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    Which oil best for control hair fall and regrowth?


    I am from Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. I came to Chennai 3 months before. Here every where salt water only. Because of water and pollution my hair falling greatley. can suggest me any oil or shampoo for control this
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    water is the problem in your case
    it will come to normal once your body set

    anyway, once consult the doctor

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    Hi M.V. Subbaraju,

    Continuously washing hair with salty water makes the hair dry and brittle and it tends to fall easily.. Since you have no choice with the water, you will have to learn to manage your hair under these circumstances. There is no magic oil for doing this but a few simple measures will certainly help. Here are a few tips:

    Keep your hair well moisturized. Coconut oil is good enough. Just mildly massage your hair a couple of hours before washing it.

    Salty water tends to leave some residues on the hair making it brittle. To combat this, just mix a tablespoon of either Apple cider vinegar/white vinegar or lemon juice in a liter of water and use it as a last rinse for your hair. It will help in removing any residual matter from the hair and make it soft.

    You can add a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of glycerin to water before washing your hair with it. It acts as a water softener and makes it less damaging.

    Always condition your hair after washing. Use a mild conditioner. Henna will condition your hair naturally if kept for an hour once in a fortnight.

    There are special Herbal shampoos which can be used while washing hair with hard water. You can make one at home also.

    Just take 1 1/2 cups of boiled water and put about 6 Chamomile tea bags in it. Boil again for about 20 minutes, remove the tea bags and add 4 tablespoons of pure soap flakes Let the soap dissolve completely and then add a tablespoon of glycerin. Mix well and use it as a shampoo. This is an excellent shampoo without any chemicals and will strength your hair and works well with salty water also.

    I am sure you would be able to manage your hair well by following these simple tips!

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    Neelibhringadi tailam helps in rich growing of hair.But it takes lot of time.Kunthalakandhi tailam will also works.Dandruff can cause hair fall.In order to prevent dandruff use dhurdhoorapathradhi tailam.

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    I have also come to chennai like you just 10 days before from Delhi and facing the same problem. But I have tasted the water of Chennai I didn't find it salty but yes it's very hard and rash for hair.

    Do not believe much in shampoos and other things, afterall you are washing your hair with the same hard water. One thing I would like to mention you can do one thing after your bath take 2-3 mugs of drinking water and rinse your hair with it, it will help to remove the excessive hardness.

    Second thing is take care of your diet, because nature has made us to fight in any circumstance against bad things. Take lot of juices and eat healthy and take vitamin capsules 4-5 every week to compensate the necessary requirements of a body.

    Last but not least do not go directly in the sun always use umberella while going out, the pinching heat of Chennai is also a major cause of hair fall and other skin problems like tanning.

    And use coconut oil , apply in the night twice a week , it will help a lot. I am also very pissed off with the harsh climate of Chennai but no option bro so just fight against it.

    Eshant :)

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    Hi all

    I am a native of chennai.I feel sad that few of you are facing hairfall problems due to the climate in chennai.But many people in chennai have long hair and they are able to maintain it properly.How??? Any guesses??

    1. People here take oil bath regularly.Ladies on fridays.Gents on Saturdays.

    2.Use of home made Shikai/reetha powder along with green gram and methi maintains good condition of hair.

    3.Use amla hair oil. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a boon to people with hairfall problems.Use the powder or have the juice or use is it any cooked form regularly.

    4.Eat plenty of CURRY LEAVES in your meal.Do not throw them.We have curry leaf plants in almost every house.And we use it regularly.

    Moreover wash your hair often with shika or an other mild shampoo.No harsh chemicals please.Dry hair properly.

    also have a look at my answer for dandruff control
    Hope your problem solves

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    Hi !,

    A certain amount of hair fall is normal.When hair is in the resting phase , it falls.A person can lose about a 100 hairs per day and that is still alright.After some time it will slow down.

    Generally you have to start getting worried if you see visible thinning in you hair.If you see your scalp has broadened or if there is a bald patch.Then its better to see a dermatologist.

    Main reasons for hairfall are-:

    1. Stress and trauma. It could mean a shock , some unhappiness , change of place and associated worries.All this can take a toll on the hair.

    2. Some harmonal changes like throid problems cause hairfall.

    3. Iron Deficiency causes hairfall.

    4. Vitamin deficiency causes hairfall.

    5. If you have not been eating well that is surely going to cause hair loss.

    So take a dose of multivitamins for some time. Check your blood for haemoglobin.Eat good , nutritious food. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you dont have dandruff or other skin infections.

    Dont worry. Hair is dead material and change of water does not cause it to fall.

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    Hair loss is the main problems of adult age peoples. In every woman and man, hairs are the very important of the life. The hair reproduces the scalp places it will some time and cured of the hairfall. Some hairfall medicine and cream are allergic and itching of the head skin places, so it will cure ayurvedic and siddha medincine. In natural ayurvedic process, the scalp places in hair are produce and some take home remedies.

    Home remedies will cure

    1. Onion is the best medicine to cure all hair problems. In the scalp places onion juice will apply and massage it every day. It reproduces the hair in scalp places to see a 3 week it will produce.
    2. The head and scalp will massage regularly in pure coconut oil with using finger.
    3. With using amla, shikkakai and reetha (kunkudukai) ayurvedic shampoo and mild shampoo to wash hair in 2 times a week to prevent the dandruff and hair fall.
    4. The products will help to increase the blood circulation of the head and scalp.
    5. Camphor with mix with coconut oil to applied daily with head and scalp.
    6. Aloe Vera gel are apply the head and scalp it will cure the hair fall and reproduce the scalp places in hair
    7. Using this shampoo, rusycure shampoo control the reoccurrence of dandruff, seborrhea & psoriasis and prevent the hair fall.
    8. Drink a plenty of water can take everyday.
    9. Eat good protein and vitamin foods and drink with water 30 minutes of each a day.
    10. In night time to keep a good sleep with grow the hair to prevent the hair fall.
    11. I recommended Herbal Hair oil. This oil applied to the scalp and massage to that the skin of the scalp is wetted. I assured this product of a healthier crown of hair, long and lustrous and sumptuous. It not only makes you feel younger, but also makes you look younger and impressive

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