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    Various Gan in kundli - Manav gan, dev gan and rakshas gan

    Regarding kundlis, I have seen people talking about various Gan - Manav gan, dev gan and rakshas gan. Dev gan people are considered to be God-like. They don't have bad habits, they are calm in nature. Rakshas gan people are considered to be cunning, become angry fast, viotant etc and the manav gan lies between these two - normal human-like behaviour. Is this a good way to find the nature of a person or the compatibility between the two? Or this is simply a myth...
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    Yes, there are 3 types of gan as you mentioned above. This aspect is considered at the time of horoscope matching at the time of marriage.

    In horoscope matching, both the bride & groom having same gan should be most preferred. Groom having dev gan and bride having manav gan is also an ideal match.

    Match with one dev gan with one rakshas gan or one rakshas gan with one manav gan should be altogather avoided.

    The gan matching is meant for compatibility. It has nothing to do with the characteristic of dev, manav or rakshas.

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    The gans are already created by gods in our Kundali. There are three types of gans ;
    01. Manav Gan
    02. Dev Gan
    03. Rakshas Gan

    In the above three gans Dev Gan is the best for human life because the person who have Dev Gan are free in natural and are not aware of thrills and ghost.
    The people who have Manav Gans they are very delicate from birth and afraid in small small thing.
    The people who have Rakshas Gan are similar to Dev Gan and they are very much strong with the thrills.

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    Deva gana - represents devine like characters. Their characters are mostly ethic and justifiable. 9 stars are under this category.
    Manushya gana- represents human and earthly characters. According to the family circle his character differs as deva gana or manushya gana. 9 stars are under this category.
    Rakshasa gana- Some of these people are with rough and tough characters. 9 stars are under this category.

    I think, you know the story of two parrots hatched from the same mother parrot, one is with a saint and other is with a butcher.
    Character differs.
    So we can't say ganas are fully describe the character of a person.
    scientists are trying to change the genes and so the character may change.
    Stars are having effets on all living beings in the earth.
    Ganas are tested, researched and finalised by the saints before 5 thousand years.(available source upto 5 thousand years)
    Marriage matching is not a problem with these ganas - this is my experience.
    Character of a person depends on the circumstances who broughtup.
    Deva gana person kills some other lives.
    Rakshasa gana persons save some lives.
    Belief in astrology should be to some extented faith, but one should not depend on it.
    "Fate can be defeated by intelligence"- proverb.

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