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    Can hernia be treated by homeopathy

    Can Hernia be treated without operation by Homoeopathic treatment?
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    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    hi ,sankaran,
    though i am no expert of homoeopathy but as far as i know and understand,the surgery is the only answer for hernia.
    please seek a surgeons opinion
    all best
    sr.physician & acupuncturist

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    Hi Sankaran
    Till date I dont think there is any other treatment for hernia other than surgery. Even if any one claim,it should be clear that there is no treatment of hernia with medicines whether it may be allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathy. The one and only treatment of hernia is surgical treatment.

    Among surgery you can have options for going an open surgery or a laproscopic surgery.

    You can see details about hernia here causes and treatment of hernia

    Though I dont take any authenticity in writing this but many has got relief from hernia according to their statement by doing yoga specially Vatayanasana, if you want to try, you can try till your appointment is fixed by surgoen and can assess the effect. To know the process see here Vatayanasana : Yoga for hernia and muscular cramps

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    Avoid activities that increase abdominal pressure such as straining during bowel movements. Do not wear tight clothing that constricts the area.

    If you have a cough, take measures to suppress it. Coughing can trigger a sliding hiatal hernia and worsen symptoms.

    See a chiropractor. You may require several adjustments to bring the stomach into its correct position, but chiropractic treatment can yield excellent results.

    Do not smoke. Smoking stimulates the production of stomach acids and can worsen symptoms.

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    yes , off course . Because, my uncle suffered this problem in last two years . But after Homeopathy treatment, he is fully cured .

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