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    How to stop my child from watching TV all day long?

    My son does find anything as interesting as watching cartoon. He watched TV for 5-6 hour everyday. Is it too much? or just fine. How can I stop him from watching TV all day long?
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    Watching 5 to 6 hours is too much for that tender age. It may be a hobby in holidays but it will become habit once school starts.

    Divert his concentration towards other angles like reading, playing chess etc. More over being parents you have to sacrifice your time for your child sake, talk to him when ever he prefers or intends to watch TV.

    Take him for outside rides like parks, beaches, temples etc., or else ask him to mingle with the children from your neighbourhood.

    If all these will not work out, finally you have to ask your cable operator to remove cable connection, few days a little hiccups will be there, later it will become alright.

    But never ask him not to watch TV at all, you must balance the time management of your son with studies and watching TV, because there are some good and watchable programmes like Animal Planet, Discovery etc.

    Anything in less is healthy, excess is always dangerous.

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    Dear Friend,
    find out sometiong which will be interesting for your child.
    and explain the side effect of watching tv all the day.
    i think these action help to solve the problem.
    all the best wishes,

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    Watching cartoon on TV is not bad for children. But 5-6 hours a day is too much. We should not let the children get addicted to watching T.V.

    You can take create interest in him by introducing indoor games like playing cards, making puzzle boards, carrom boards, chess, snake and laddre, Trading Board, Building with cubes, etc.

    Spend some quality time with him chatting on some topics of his interest.

    Introduce him to the boys of his age in your neighborhood, so that he can mingle with him and go out to play for some time.
    Sitting at home all the time will make him bore and hence, poor child is getting addicted to watching T.V.

    Create interest of reading comic books, number puzzles etc. according to his level of IQ. So that he can spread the time on various activities throughout the day and gradually his time on spending T.V. will reduce automatically.

    Take him for a long walk in the mornings and evenings. Teach him yoga, physical exercise, meditation so that his body, mind and soul will become calm.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    There are a few things which could help your child,
    buy him a cricket bat and ball and ask him to play with friends.
    Buy your child an encyclopedia and ask him to increase knowledge.
    Ask your child to visit frinds place and develop socil intelligence which is very useful in later life and work life.

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    The most children hobbies are to watch the cartoons channel but 5-6 hrs is too much. You don't force him/her for avoid the cartoon because if you force he will be irritate. You have choice to lock the channel and give the password to channels.
    Also you play with your child for some time or spend time with him/her. Also you can do is if he has interest with other like dance, skating or swimming then you can busy him with this activities.

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    The main reason children watch tv for long hours is that they don't enjoy other things and are thus attracted towards it.
    The best way to deal out with the problem is by proper planning the daily routine of the child and rewarding him if he follows it correctly .
    By doing this you will attract him for rewards and thus he will give time to other things also.
    Rewards should'nt be in the form of money but should have small gifts or weekly hangouts.

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    Watching Television every day 5-6 hour is very bad habit. You must say to your son about Television and the effect of watching television for a long time. You explain some examples with new paper clippings.

    Durga Praveen

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    Dear Shwah,

    I will not say watching cartoons 5-6 hours is good. If he is watching tv more hours you are responsible. You should make him interested in reading short story books, comic books, playing with him will divert his mind from watching cartoons.

    You can even bring some colouring book which is loaded with cartoon characters which he like to watch. Give him some interesting activities todo. As a parent we should also sacrifice our time to be with him. In evening time you can take him to the near park, where other children come and play.

    Just blaming on child is not ok. Being a parent we should give some time for our child then you can see the positive change.



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    Knowingly or unknowingly, elders are the main culprits for this habit. When children start observing elders (earlier before one year old), if parents and elders spend more time before TV, it sets in mind of children.

    I have tried all these with my son.

    For the first one year from birth, do not put the child before TV at any situation.

    Avoid watching TV when back from work. Spend time with others at home and children and make them play with you.

    Dont give separate time for playing. Even eating and learning can be done in playway methods.

    Do not sit unecessarily before TV because you are bored. Do some other work like hear good music, read books, do handworks, etc, and if children see their parent's hobbies, these will be registered in their mind.

    Dont switch on TV on holidays absolutely even when good programs or good movies. These movies what we think are interesting are affecting our child's mental growth and their behavior as matured adults. Instead, play with them whatever you did as a child. This will refresh you as well as your child. This is the best thing I had experienced in my life.

    Do not ask your child to go and play, instead if possible join them or make them play with their age mates.

    Many people think that taking out as a tour is the only way to keep them out. You can do the following:

    Take them to market to buy their favorite food items

    Take them to post office and send a letter, pay bills,etc.

    To bank, railway station, etc. will make them very interesting, and even taking in bus to teach the bus numbers and their route will make them knowledgeable and very useful to get used to hometown.

    The important thing is buy something like icecream or what they like( an activity book, puzzles, etc) will make them the trip memorable.

    This will give a wide knowledge.

    My son of course watches TV that too when I am busy in households.

    One or two hours watching TV is not a sin.

    Make them sit 4 feet apart and talk to them in the intervals so they should not watch TV without even winkling eyes.


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    Watchin cartoon channels for more than 4-5 hours is not good for children. Use the child lock for those channels and say to them that the channel is not broadcasted. Buy football, cricket bat and ball allow them to play with their neigbourhood friends. Spend some time with them by playing cards, puzzels, comics, carrom, etc. Take him to a walk at the morning and evening for shops or simply for walking. Make a habit of doing exercise, yoga and meditation. By doing this his/her mind, body and soul be calm and healthy. First allow them to join with their neighbourhood friends.

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    First of all let me tell you that watching TV for 5-6hrs per day is not good for your child. But again that depends on the routine activities of your child. I mean If he goes to school than in this condition 5-6 hrs TV is not good. But if the vacation is going on obviously he he has much much time to spend somewhere and TV is the most easily available utility for the child to access in the home.
    Whatever the situation is, the fact is the children are so curious to know something & get exposed to things they want to.
    Many of the things they learn form the surroundings. So first of all your family members have to decrease watching TV in his presence and talk about something which he can be interested in.
    Try to know the skills & interests of him and his interests. Make arrangements to develop his skills by joining some classes.
    Buy him some good looking & exciting books,Children magazines,Children encyclopedia to divert him from TV & engage him in something else. Even if he is not interested in them do it & put them in his room that anytime while passing from them he will see them & gradually be attracted to see them & will be slowly diverted to various activities & away from TV the idiot box.
    Have a good time with your child & your family
    Krunal Patel( M Pharm )

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    your son is watching cartoon means, i think he is interested in toys and stories.. so please daily told him a story.. gift him a story book and ask him to read the story , it helps to keep his mind away from watching tv and also at the same time he's satisfied with the story book like the same way as watching tv... his reading knowledge is also improved..

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Your tips are very good. In every house we are facing the same problem. Even in my house the same story. My wife and mother like serails, they will see them. Definitely my daughter who is just 11 years is also got habituated to watch serails. Serials are more dangerous nowadays. In my house, if the serial comes, then they will not talk to anyone. Even if relative comes also.

    Even I tell my daughter to read books, but she will not follow. But I tell her to watch pogo channel which is good for children. National Geographic channel, cartoon network etc.

    Subba Raju, MV

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    I think that you should divert the concentration of your child by 1)showing him interesting story books,
    2)you yourself recite some interesting stories to him so that he may change his usual routine,
    3)watching T.V is in fact a great pleasure for the children so you cannot force him to bunk from it. otherwise use some special techniques like, you can ask him that the cartoons are just artificial things ,they have no major role etc
    4)you can fix a time table for him, so that he even didn't miss his favorite program and also got interest in studies.
    5)adjust your timetable in such a way that you force him to study hard like make an errand that you never let him to watch T.v until he complete his tasks first,so that he will study hard to watch T.V.

    I hope your child will change his mind quickly like a brilliant student.


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    My neighbor's are also facing the similar problem with their child. At the time of vacations it is obvious that child will watch TV if its in home.

    You must joined your child to extra curricular activities like dancing,singing,sports,etc what ever your child interest. So, his concentration will be on the that activity other than TV.

    Really this strategy works.

    Best Regards,
    Deeptesh Sharma

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    Watching TV for 5-6 hrs is definitely too much.

    Teach your child to have control over his TV watching habits.
    1)First explain to him the problems caused by watching TV
    2)Tell him that you are going to cut down his TV time to 1 - 2 hrs.
    3)Ask him to choose the programs that he would like to see and cut out the rest.
    4)Be firm when he protests.
    5)Implement your new TV time-table strictly.
    6)Be consistent. Your son will pester you for TV. But don't revoke your decision to suit your own convenience. Stick to the agreed time-table consistently. Consistency is the KEY.
    6)Give time to your son and get involved in activities with him.
    7)Encourage him to read books, draw, paint, play indoor & outdoor games and mix among friends.
    8)Finally, don't give your child wrong signals, by cutting down his TV hours and spending more time watching it your-self.
    Limit your own watching habits to the same 1-2 hrs, to be fair.


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    Watching cartoon is not a bad habit but for 5to 6 hrs is not only bad but also harmful for your child as it affects your child eyes.Ya its too much to watch cartoon for 6 hrs.You should cut his timing by 4-5 hrs and allow him to watch cartoon only for 1-2 hours.Instead of watching cartoon he could read some books which would help him to pass the time and even to increase his knowledge.You should suggest him to play outdoor games for 1 hr which would keep him mentally fresh and physically fit.You can prepare a time table for his daily routine but he don't feel it to be good then do the above things so that he would be happy and enjoy the life as not a burden on him.You can take him with yourself on a walk.Help him in his studies

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    First of all, you haven't mentioned the age of you child.

    If your child is below 3 years of age, it is very dangerous to the child's eyes, if he watches TV programs for more than 2 hours.
    Not only this, the imaginative power of the child decreases more while watching.

    For children above 3 years of age, do not allow him for the whole time, but reduce the frequency the child is watching TV programs.

    Just make it a habit to your kid, listening to beautiful music with different instruments used. This would help the kid to develop all the mathematical and imaginary skills very fast!!

    Here are a list of very good and excellent collection of music, that would be liked by all the kids...

    1. Ilayaraja's "Nothing but the wind".
    2. Beethoven.
    3. Symphony's.
    4. Mosaic's Collections.

    All The Best Friend!!!

    Thanks and Regards,

    Deepti. K

    Opportunities knocks only once.
    Grab them when it knocks your door!!!!

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    Dear friend,
    Looks like your child is very fond of cartoons.
    If you want him to get rid of those TV shows make him read interesting story books. Those story books will also help him get good reading habit. Not only that but it will also take him away from those TV shows. Trust me it works. Just that the story books should be very interesting. If this does not stop him from watching those shows, find a particular thing he is interested in other than those shows. So you can use that thing to make him have fun.

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    The thing is in this age its natural that any kid would like to watch cartoons. There is no way you can make him stop watching cartoons. You even cannot force him to do something else or shut off the tv. This will only increase his stubbornness.

    Best thing you can do is try to find out his interests other that cartoons and tv. Also as he already likes cartoons, ask him to draw some of his favourate cartoon character, by doing this you will encourage him to paint and draw and he will also like it. Also when he sit to watch tv, you also sit next to him and watch the cartoon with him. Behave like him for that time being, if he laughs you also laugh. Once the child thinks that you also like cartoon or tv, he will see you as a friend and then at that time you may ask him to switch off the tv and do something else, he will pursue it as a friend is asking him to do something what he likes.

    Most of the times parents shouts or threaten their children, this only makes things worse. Try to be polite and try to connect with the children's.

    Yuvraj Kewate

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    Watching cartoons is no where going to harm your child. But yes watching them for longer durations is not advisable. If you are saying that your child is watching cartoon for 4 to 5 hours during the summer holidays then it should be considered not to be a problem as now a days children are used to watching television which is being taught by the parents or other elder people in the home.

    But if you say that your child is watching cartoon for 4 to 5 hours during the days when he is going to school then it should be definitely taken care of.

    Children are very flexible at the age below thirteen . Flexible in the sense parents/elders can mould their children very easily by using loving, caring and sweet words. Below teenage children listen to and adopt the things that their parents tell to them in a pleasing way when compared to teenage children. The point to be noted is that children should not be scolded/ordered/demanded but should be pampered till an extent where they easily listen to you.

    So, take time, sit with your child and let him/her know what other things he/she could do during the leisure time, what are the advantages/disadvantages of doing a particular thing, how you have worked hard to reach to such position, what are the things that you used to do as a child, how you received awards in school, how you were recognized in your neighborhood for being an active child etc.

    You might now think for a while what if the parent himself/herself was not an active child. My answer would be Create some Stories if you have not done anything interesting during your childhood. There is no harm in narrating some created stories if your child would get inspired by them and turn out to be productive.

    But one thing to be noted is not to tell him to study for 24 hours throughout the day and not to ask him to do whatever you tell them. Ask your children to listen to what you speak/say and then decide what would be best suited for them.

    Hope I have answered your query. :)

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