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    What is the future scope of b.arch

    i got 369 rank in stream of b.arch in aieee n i am intrested to go but i dont know the information regarding this can u kindly give the information about the future of architects and the futher studies after my completion in b.arch
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    Its very good course if done from top colleges.
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    It depends on which college you finish your B-Arch and which town you decide to look for a job. Bangalore is the best place for architects in India, followed by Chennai, 'cuz many IT companies are now setting up shops at Chennai due to lower costs. There are chances to go abroad as well, but not as much as an IT pro. You could go abroad to do your higher studies and then look for job. Chances of securing a job without an international degree are slim. B-Arch is a 5 year course. I know all this cuz my wife did her B-Arch in Bangalore and is now working in US. I believe the best college of the lot is JJ School of Arts at Mumbai. Salary is decent and depends on the college you pass out from and your personal capability and skill.

    salary- depends on ur talent. u may earn 7000 or 70000
    scope outside india- scope is gud only wen u do ur masters degree abroad
    min. 7 yrs of ur graduation and post graduation. rest i told u depends on ur talent.

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    India is growing in on infrastructure. Architects in all feild of constructions such as dams, bridges, bldgs etc are required. But competiton is still stiff. I suggest you you again go for JEE and aim for the IIT.

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    B.Arch is architecture and designing while is technical and development.....both are different and hence there is no comparision.....students have to choose what they are good take b.arch only if you are good in drawing etc., while if you are good in maths etc., take have great future.......check more info on -

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    If done from a good college it has a bright future.Today maximum students are going for CSE or IT.So the rush is there.Competition here will be less. Moreover students from any stream are joining IT industry whereas only B.Arch students can join in their respective field.

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    B.Arch is a very good professional course like MBBS, LLB and CA.
    After completing B.Arch you can register with Council of Architecture, then only you'll be able to practice as an Architect.
    There are always a number of jobs for architects but limited to metropolitan cities. Earlier there were few govt jobs but now it has improved.
    The start of the career in this field is slow but as you gain experience your future brightens more and more. As a fresher you may have to work for a meager salary about Rs 15000 a month but after 3-4 years you may earn upto Rs 60-80000 or more.
    The college from where you obtain your B.Arch degree is very very important. As the reputation of the college will fetch you the first job after your degree.
    Why the reputation of some colleges like JJ School of Architecture, IIT Roorkee and SPA Delhi is good because they really teach you well. Being an Architect from IIT Roorkee, I have seen others who did not know some basic concepts after passing out from college.

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