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    How can we make our hair thick and dense

    How can one increase hair density and make the hair thicker
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    Hi Bhavesh
    For strong, dense and healthy hair first of all a nutritious diet is important as hair contains a protein keratin, you need a proteinaceous diet. Anemia is amajor reason for thinning and hair fall so take iron rich diet like banana.

    Second thing comes about hygiene, maintain hygiene of scalp which will strengthen the root of hair and your hair will become strong. Avoid dandruff and if it is present, use appropriate shampoo, I usually advice Nizral shampoo thrice a week.

    Use oil which suits your hair but dont use them when you are going out as it catches dirts. Use steamed towel over head and this will make your hair glow. For more details please see Let your hair glow

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    Hi this adnansami. I have an ayurvedic secret for you. Did you know the plant alovera(KATTAR VAZHA). Take the juice of alovera's leaf and apply it after applying coconut oil. You will get your hair smoother than before. And by applying it regularly for 7 days you will get high density of hair. 'APPLY MY TECHNIC & FEEL THE CHANGE'

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    First try good hair hygiene.

    Use coconut oil on your hair.

    If you want medical treatment, Minoxidil is the medicine you will need to put on your scalp. It will improve the blood supply to hair follicles, but it is costly. Around Rs 400 for a bottle.

    One of the brand names is Mitop . 2% and 4 % solutions are there. Start with 2 %.

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    hi friend,

    Firstly try to take out time for yourself.In that time do yoga and all.Apply aturvedic oil on your hairs.Do pranayam.Never use chemical based shampoo.Try to use mustard oil daily and leave your hairs and after that wash it.You can also use egg.And never use straightner and all those products.

    As such you can make your hairs grow healthy.


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    A daily haircare routine and prompt treatment when problems arise are therefore of vital importance in maintaining the natural beauty of healthy hair. Hair can be fine, medium-textured or coarse. Fine hair always tends to lack volume, while medium hair is often quite easy to handle, strong and elastic. Coarse hair brings its own problems. Hair is abundant, but can be heavy, frizzy and difficult to control. You may find that you have fine hair in your hairline and on your temples, while the rest of your hair is medium or coarse.

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    1)A good sleep of 8 hrs per day,
    2)daily head massage using neem, lemon, mustard oil based hair oil.
    3)A healty diet.

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    Hello ,
    Being an ayurveda practitioner i generally prescribe my patients home remedies Indian gooseberries oil or lemon oil should be applied all over your head after a shower.

    2.Two to three drops of oil is sufficient enough to massage it all over the head. Oil should be applied at least four times in a week and should be washed off the next morning using an herbal shampoo and conditioner.

    3. Another method of achieving thick hair naturally is by applying white vinegar on a daily basis.
    The vinegar will make the hair thick and strong.
    It is considered to be the best nourishment for hair.

    4. Another herbal remedy includes the use of aloe vera on the scalp. Apply aloe vera every morning after a shower and wash it the next morning. Herbal remedies for thinning hair are believed to be extremely valuable and are cost-effective.

    5. Most important is to intake healthy protein rich diet .Avoid junk&Fried food.Avoid shampoo contains sodium laurel sulphate.Frequent change of shampoos also lead to hairfall.

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    For hair thickness, you have to use coconut oil atleast 2 hours before taking shower and use herbal Shikakai powder twice in a week also once in a week you can apply Henna/Mehandi paste 4 hours before taking shower which gives healthy hair + color strenght.

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    HI Bhavesh,

    To gain thick hair you need a very rich diet in protein, calcium and selenium. Eat a well balanced diet and also include a multi vitamin daily.

    Read more about this hyper linked article to know about the hair structure and problems and try to prevent them.

    Read more: Hair Problems

    Always opt for natural methods for hair styling and natural products to treat your hair. Oil your hair once a week with hot coconut oil simmered in fenugreek seeds.. You can also use olive oil and you just have to warm it. Don't boil or heat olive oil too much.

    Good Luck,
    Dr. K.P.Narendar

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    Do meditation,Sleep well,Do some Yoga.
    Eat one Egg white and/or take one glass of milk in the morning.Add some bean food in your Lunch.
    Do oil massage on your scalp before sleeping on alternate day.
    Never use Hair Gel,Hair cream and non-sticky oil.

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    Heat little coconut oil, then mix mustard oil along with olive oil. And neem oil incase of dandruff. Apply this mixture with cotton on your scalp massage and leave it for 1 hour and wash it off. Within 3 months one would notice a lot of difference in the thickness of your hair.

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    Beforebathing,do apply 1 egg yolk+olive oil(any oil) and take bath.
    It is said that drinking 1 cup of water made out of boiling curry leaves regularly promotes thickness of hair.
    In herbal shops,u get a tablet named "karisalakarpam",eating that everyday also gives healthy hair.It's bottle is of worth Rs 80

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    1)Good hair care method is use raw eggs, and after using it you can have beautiful hair. Raw eggs can be used for making hair conditioners. The properties of egg create a needed impact on your dull and dry hair. And your hair will regenerate itself. The texture of your hair is maintained by the presence of important elements. Mix 2 egg yolks with 2 teaspoons of castor oil. Then massage this mixture into your hair. Leave it for some time and then rinse it thoroughly. This is an easy but effective hair care method.
    2)soak fenugreekseeds(Mentulu) in curd for one night stir it and apply.

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    Dear Friend
    I think you are surely not using coconut oil daily before going to bath.
    OK if you are using then it is ok.
    But do one thing take some coconut oil of 10ml in one small containour & add 7 drops of water to it & then stir it & it will become like a paste.ok.And then apply that to your hair & after 7 mins you can take bath.
    This will surely help you as we have already tested this so i am suggesting you.
    Thanking you

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    Hi Bavesh

    First thing is keep your hair clean and apply daily hair oil and if you could use home products like you apply AWLWA and you every morning you eat you in just a month you can find change in your hair quality

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