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    Period not coming

    My period is not coming from last 45 days.
    Am i pregnent. My husband does not want it. I if am pregnent,but i want not this . what 2 maonth aborsan possible.
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    Dear Shikha,

    Late Menstrual Cycle may be of many reasons, other than to be in a fear of being Pregnant. Sometimes it may happen for once or twice in the late twenties. Some reasons might be the cause of your late periods. They are:

    1. Experiencing emotional or work stress for quite a long time in a day. It is a cause of absense of menstruation. Remove all your stress so that the menstruation becomes normal.

    2. Certain times, womens might get Hormonal Imbalances in their body of certain hormones. These leads to stoppage of normal menstruation.

    3. Having Malnutrished Diet and insufficent amount of balaned Kilocalories in one's body can also be one of the prime reasons for late periods.

    4. Having excess of exercises or overloads of work becomes also one of the reasons.

    5. Excess of production of Prolactin by Pituitary Gland in one's body stops the normal menstual cycle.

    There are natural cures for your late periods. They are:

    1. Adding Ginger to Tea and having it 2 to 3 times a day increases the blood flow. Thus it boosts the normal menstruation.

    2. Consuming Coriander also heals up the menstrual irregularities.

    3. Eat lots of raw Carrot as it stimulates the menstruation.

    4. Fennel seeds consumed with a glass of water atleast twice a day sets the normal cycle.

    5. Having Grape Juice daily for 5 days during morning time act as a best cure for irregularities in periods. You can have some green unripe papaya or the juice of Aloe Vera plant with some sugar to start the bleeding.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sashwato Chatterjee
    "We Ourselves Make our Own Destiny"

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    Hi Shikha,

    If you have not had your periods for the last 45 days, this means that you are just about 15 days over your due date of periods.

    In today's age, you need not live in fear. Just get a urine or blood test done to establish whether you are pregnant. If you feel that the tests may not be reliable you can always go and consult a gynecologist. You could always have taken the home pregnancy test kit which is easily available at any chemist and the test is pretty reliable too.

    Once it has been established that you are not pregnant, you can rest assured and look for treatments to rectify your fluctuating hormone levels which could be the caue of your delayed periods. Homeopathy also helps in such cases.

    If you realize that you are pregnant, then please do not eat those so called heat causing foodstuffs aiming for an abortion. They may cause you more harm rather than allaying your fears and therefore do not indulge in self treatment in this case.

    In the absence of any other details, my advice to you would be to visit a gynecologist and clear the confusion first.

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    There are home kits available in medical stores for pregnancy test which can be used at home to test if you are pregnant.

    Further to be sure, you can even get tests done with the help of your gynaecologist.


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    Urinary pregnancy kits are available in medical shops. Consult a gynecologist.
    Dr. Gyan
    Have a good time.

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