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    Cure for sneezing or running nose ?


    I am suffering from continously sneezing and running nose for the past 5-6 years. Sneezing starts in the morning most of the times and results in running nose. There is no permanent cure to this kind of allergy in allopathy which spreads in humid enviroment more easily. I have tried homeopathy already which was effected initially but now it has stopped working for me.

    So friends if you have any remedy, please suggest.

    Eshant :)
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    Hello friend,

    I am myself is suffering from same kind of allergy. I sneeze most of the time in the morning or after a slightly change of room temperature. And running nose follow afterwards.

    Allopathy does not have any permanent cure,Homeopathy I haven't tried yet, though they claim permanent solution of allergy.

    I have tried Unani medicine for my problem, I consult to the Hamdard davakhana Hakim in new delhi. He prescribe a long course of medicine. And it is effective, I am living a hassle free life now. These medicine are also have zero side effects.

    I would suggest you too give it a try and see whether it helps you.


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    Hi Eshant,

    Continuous bout of sneezing and running nose is known as a type of Allergic Rhinitis and I firmly believe that medicines have a very limited scope in treating it.

    There is no harm in taking some Anti histamine once in a while during severe attacks but in the long run they can cause you more harm than do any good.

    Build up your resistance and strengthen your respiratory system. This is the only solution towards a permanent cure. In persons with allergy, the nasal passage becomes very sensitive and gets irritated even with the slightest stimulant.

    b>Swish your nose with some warm water to which a pinch of salt has been added several times in a day. You must do this the moment you come from somewhere outside and early in the morning. This will help in keeping the nasal passage clean and free of allergens.

    Practice breathing exercises like Anulom Vilom and Bhastrika. These are excellent for for rhinitic conditions. You have to do these for about 15 minutes twice a day. The duration can be built up gradually. This will certainly help you making your respiratory system stronger so that no allergens will be able to affect you.

    Mix togetherhalf teaspoon each of lime juice, ginger juice and honey and drink this regularly at bed time. Alternatively you can mix the three in about half a cup of warm water and drink at bedtime.

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    thanks a lot for your help and advice , hey shwah can you tell me which type of medicine you are taking, are you sure that it would not cause much harm to you. Please provide some details.



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    Dear Eshant,

    I had the same problem then I took the following advice from my doctor: 1) Improve the body resistance. 2) Eat good food and sleep well. 3) Do yoga and exercise regularly. 4) Treat the constipation problem if you have. Now I am ok. Why don't you try this?


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