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    How computer store the data?

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    Computer stores data in the form of bit (0 or 1) both 0 and 1 represents voltage levels. They are stores in latch called flip-flop, which is an assembly of some Logic Gates. One flip-flop can stores only one bit at a time, either 1 or 0.

    So, to store more data, we cascade the flip-flop in the serial form called Register. These registers hold the number of bits in the serial form and they can me manipulated serially or parallel.

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    There are two ways in which computer store data.
    1. Permanent Storage
    2. Temporary or volatile storage

    In permanent storage the data is stored in storage devices such as your hard disc and other secondary storage devices like CD,DVD,Tapes etc. The data is stored in form of 0 or 1. These are represented by two voltage level divided as high and low.

    Temporary storage contains the data that computer needs to ru certain specific programs and processes. For example if you are playing a game than that data is stored in RAM and as soon as you shut down your pc that data is lost.

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    The computer stores the data in the memory inform of bits i.e. zero and one.
    There are two types of memories used for the storage purposes-
    1. primary memory
    2. secondary memory

    * Primary memory is of two types-
    1. RAM
    2. ROM
    RAM-The data stored in the RAM is volatile in nature that means data is lost when the power is switched off thus it is used to store data temporary.The data firstly enter in the computer is firstly placed in the RAM to calculations because it is fast and less access time is taken by it from fetching the data from the central processing unit.

    ROM- it is used by the manufacturers to store the data permanently.

    Secondary memory- It is used to store the large amount of data and main advantage of it is that it stores the data permanently into our computer without much delay. It has a large amount of capacity of the storage of the data as compare to the primary memory.The data in it is also stores in form of bits. For example - hard disk, floppy disk, Compact disk etc.

    when we enter the data from the keyboard it is firstly interpreted by the input unit into the bits form which is easily understand by the computers and computer after understanding the part of data send it to the microprocessor for processing and finally stores it in memory for the purpose of permanent storage so to perform any future on the data if required.

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    Computer stores data in the form of binary digit which is 0 and 1. 0 means off and 1 means on. For storing data in a computer latches,flip-flops and register are used. In latches there is asynchronous storage of data takes place means we don't use clocks. In flip-flops clock is used. Register is used to store either 1 or 0.

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