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    MS after B. Tech Biotechnology

    I am a B tech Biotechnology student. I have plans to pursue MS. I also want to take up GATE GRE. What should be my preparations for these exams,subjects that i need to prepare, should i take up a class or could i prepare on my own? In case of biotechnology should i prefer doing PG abroad or in India ? Can you suggest some universities/colleges both in and out of India. Could you also mention some good universities that provide student funds for my course out of India?
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    You have said that you are a Biotechnology student. Your way of planning is good. It is good to choose MS in Biotechnology. There are many colleges offering this course in abroad when compared to here. Inorder to get admission in abroad Universities/Colleges, you must first write the entrance examinations.
    One is GRE and another test is for testing your English proficiency (IELTS/ TOEFL).

    For GRE test, you must prepare Aptitude (Maths) for 800 marks and Verbal for 800 marks. The total test is for 1600 marks.

    For TOEFL/IELTS you will be having four common sections,
    These are differentiated for the tests near the scores.
    TOEFL is for 120 marks and each section carries 30 marks.
    IELTS test is based on band score of 9 for each section. The overall band score is made average and ranked for 9.

    I think you need not require any coaching from consultancy or other educational institutions if you are strong enough in the English and basic knowledge in Mathematics.

    The main tactic in all these sections is time management. It comes on basic practice.

    Next step is to opt the university after getting good scores. Inorder to get funding or scholarship you must be strong enough in academics, GRE scores, IELTS/ TOEFL scores. Even though if you cant get a good score and if the university does not offer funding, once you are admitted in the university and if your performance is good in the first semester, you will definitely get Assistantship or funding from them.

    As you have no mentioned the place whether US or Australia or UK or European countries, I can't provide you the correct universities in all these places. But I can mention some of the US universities that are offering MS in Biotechnology.

    GRE is compulsory entrance exam only for US. For other places, IELTS alone is sufficient.

    US universities:

    University of Houston - Clearlake
    SUNY - New Paltz
    Cleveland State University - Ohio
    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and many more.

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    Hello Surya,

    It's a good choice to do your higher education in foreign countries. They are many countries where you can do your masters in biotechnology. The basic requirement of any foreign university to is to get a good score in TOEFL/IELTS. Apart from TOEFL/IELTS you also need to take GRE test if your planning to do MS in USA. I have idea about USA and Australia and I am providing the list of some good universities here. Please check their official websites for more details.


    University of Texas at Arlington

    University of Alabama, Huntsville

    University of Texas at Dallas

    University of Texas at Austin

    Texas A&M Collegestation

    University of Missouri Kansas City (have good chances of funding)

    Louisiana Tech University

    Louisiana state University

    Cleveland State University

    Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago

    New Mexico State University

    Southern illinois University - Carbondale

    University of North Texas

    University of OKlahoma Norman


    University Of Queensland

    University Of New South Wales

    Monash University

    University Of Western Australia

    University Of Auckland

    Regarding funding not all universities but very few universities provide funding. In order to get funding first the university must have funds. So my advice would be try to get a good score in TOEFL mainly in speaking section then your sure to get some good on campus jobs.



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    Let me take up your questions one by one and answer them..

    1. First you must know the subtle difference between a MS and M.Tech. There is no M.Tech degree abroad and only MS/ME is offered after four years of BS degree. Both are similar professional qualifications, but there lies a subtle difference especially in India as these days many universities including IITs started offering MS program in addition to M.Tech program. In M.Tech, there will be equal emphasis on course work and Research work (project), interms of credit distribution, course load and time allocation. On the other hand, There will be more emphasis on Practical(lab) and Thesis work in MS and students will take very less courses. (Of 96 credits, Credit distribution for Course work and Project in M.Tech is 48+48, while in MS it is 20+76).

    2. GATE- This examination will make you Eligible
    (a) For a Master's program in Indian Institutes and Universities (MS/M.Tech)
    (b) Also for a PhD program (in many Institutes like IITs, labs under CSIR and DBT like CCMB etc, and some other Universities, If GATE score is outstanding)
    (c) some Universities abroad like National University of Singapore (Ranked 12th best University in the world) also consider GATE scores for admission into their Masters and Doctoral programs in Biosciences and Biotechnology.

    3. For Masters Program Abroad

    If US and Canadian Universities - You need to give GRE and TOEFL and secure not just qualifying score, but a good score is must to get your program funded by the Universities

    If UK and Australian Universities- you need to give IELTS examination, again should get a score good enough to attract funding (Some universities demand TOEFL mandatory and some won't, along with IELTS)

    Some universities like National University of Singapore, Nayang Technical Universities which are the Best Universities offering Masters and Doctoral programs in Biotechnology, consider any of the GRE. GATE, IELTS scores for admission. (TOEFL is must in all cases).

    4. Recently DEAKIN University of Australia (which is a premier university tied up with many Universities, Research labs and Industries in India for Doctoral programs) introduced Doctoral program in Applied areas like Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Biomaterials and For Outstanding B.Tech students (with 80% through out their academic record) they are providing 100% Financial support for both course and personal expenses. There is also Masters in Science by Research (MS) program offered by the same university (those who aren't interested in pursuing PhD).

    5. Deciding between India and Abroad for Masters: You can prefer Abroad (US/Australia) to India If you have

    ** No Financial glitches (you will get funding too if u have good GRE/IELTS score)
    ** Course content is best in Abroad than India
    ** Practical and Industry exposure is more in Abroad then India
    ** career prospects for Biotechnology are more abroad than in India
    ** Stress for interdisciplinary research in Biology related disciplines is more in Abroad than in India.

    6. Notwithstanding the University, you will get funding for your program only if you have an outstanding competitive score (GATE/GRE/IELTS)

    7. Coming into the preparation, GATE in Biotechnology or Lifesciences is little easier exam and requires not more than 2 months strict preparation for those who have good foundation in basic subjects of Biotechnology like Molecular Biology, cell Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry. A coaching is not at all required. practicing previous question papers will surely help you alot as many questions are repeated from previous papers. Also there are a few topics from which one question is compulsorily asked every year. They are
    ** Transcription and Translation in Molecular Biology
    ** Inhibition of protein synthesis (by antibiotics)
    ** Databases in Bioinformatics
    ** Sequence and similarity searches in Bioinformatics
    ** Growth kinetics and associated models
    ** Stoichiometry of cell growth and product formation
    ** Different types and variants of RNA and DNA
    ** One question on Application of probability and statistics
    ** Antigen and Antibody interactions and Hypersensitivity
    ** Application of various Enzymes in Biotechnology industry

    Books like Instant notes in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics will help alot for the preparation and to cover the syllabus in less-time. Don't forget to solve previous years papers.

    8. For GRE/IELTS and TOEFL Books like Barrons GRE, word power by Norman Lewis will surely be sufficient to crack most of the sections in GRE like Listening, Comprehension and Vocabulary.

    Above All, Good planning of course of action is must especially for Biotechnology which is still in its infancy and is a booming discipline.

    Select one exam (Based on Country preference), Give your best effort with efficient preparation.University selection can be done After the exam and based on the scores (because universities will have cut-off scores for various programs).Apply to a minimum of 5 Universities based on your scores. Consider course expenses, various funding options and scholarships available in the university before applying.

    A planned course of action will surely provide a prosperous career in Biotechnology.

    All the Best

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