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    Proven home cure for myopia

    I'm suffering from myopia but I don't want to wear specs,Is there any working home remedy that could solve my problem?
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    There is no home remedy that can solve your problem. many people will suggest you some eye exercise, balanced diet, etc. This will help in improving general health of eyes but spects power will not reduce.
    Take all precautions while using PC. This will reduce eye strain & minor variations in spects power.
    Myopia is genetically determined ( but sporadic cases do occur)& power will not reduce with home remedy. Eye is elongated or corneal / lens shape is altered in myopia. Whether your parents have myopia? If yes, your power is likely to increase up to 18 years?
    Home remedy can help in reducing eye strain but glass power will not reduce. I will suggest 1 exercise. Hold pen at arm's length. Look at pen tip. Slowly bring pen closer to face. Stop as soon as you see 2 images. This is called " convergence exercise".
    What is your age? Myopia is known to increase till age of 18 years as body grows. You wear contact lens or glasses if your age is less than 18 years.
    You can wear contact lens or undergo LASIK (if you are above 18 years).
    If your eyes are suitable, you can undergo LASIK. Corneal pachymetry should show that cornea thickness is adequate.
    Read more-
    Contact lens -Indications & problems
    Get your retina checked as myopia is known to cause retina problems like lattice degeneration, retinal hole, retina detachment.
    Dr Sachin retina specialist- 9047092201

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    Myopia may cause due to lack of execrice to ur eye ball .the image falls a bit side ot retina rather than directly into it

    The Following things may help u not to increase the power

    1.Early in the morning after washing your face go out and watch the raising sun (between 6-00Am to 6-30 Am) for 3 to 5 minutes

    2. Sit on a mat and start doing Eye ball Exercise for this
    keep ur face in straight position and see upwords as much as u can for 5 sec and down words came to the normal position take long breath
    3. now from the normal position see to your right asmuch as u can with out moving your face do with the left side too come to normal position and take long breath

    4. now rub you hands untill they become luke warm and cover your eyes by closing them keep hands for 5 sec take long breath and repeat it for 3 times doing the above you can relax your eyes

    While working with computer/b>

    1. see for every 15 minutes close your eyes for 5 seconds watch around your sorroundings and start woring again
    2. do the same while watching TV too

    Food Habits

    1. take atleast on glass of milk
    2. Eat goose berry if available or take chutny of it aatleast thrice in a weak

    Following the above will avoid pain and strain to your eyes leaving them relaxed

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    Dear Doctor,

    I am fully convinced with your valued advices as a professional.

    I agree with your comment that there is no home cure in myopia problem in vision.

    But furthur rapid detoriorations of vision can be controlled through some exercises.

    For more than 20 to 25 years I am doing routine eyes exercises in the early morning along with physical exercises.Uptill now I am getting good results to keep my visions and any eye problems almost in normal condition.

    The following routine eye exercises which I am continuing are:

    1.I keep my look for at least 30 minutes daily to the green trees from a distance of 10 to 15 fts and breathing fresh air.

    2.Then I rotate my eye balls in clockwise and anticlockwise directions 5 times in each directions.

    Then I move my eye balls 5 times each in right and left directios with tolerable stretching limit.

    After that 5 times up and down.

    Then I stretch my right hand forward parallel to groung level.Then I put my vision of both the eyes on the tip of fore finger and move tip of finger slowly towards my forehead converging both the eye balls towards finger tip.This process to be repeated for 5 times.

    I use computers daily for at least for 5-6 hours since last 10 years.

    Your advice for intermittent rests during working time on computer is the nice advice to follow to give rest to eyes.

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