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    How I can increase my fairness

    i am some blackish colour how can i improve my colour
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    First of all don't feel or worry yourself that your black and get depressed. Always feel proud about yourself and take every thing positively because this itself gives a glow to your skin and face.

    Some of the tips you can follow is as follows:

    1. Wash your face frequently and it's not necessary to use soap all the time.
    2. Drink lots of water.
    3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
    4. Avoid eating oliy food.
    5. Apply sun screen lotion before you step out into the sun.
    6. Before going to bed remove your make up.

    Some of the face packs which you can try are:

    1. Apply sandal wood powder mixed with rose water and leave it over the night.
    2. Apply multani meti with curd and leave it to dry and wash it.
    3. If you have dark circles around your eyes then keep potato slice over your eyes when you go to bed.
    4. Apply tomato juice leave for half an hour and wash it.
    5. Apply carrot juice leave for half an hour and wash it.
    6. Go for a facial and a bleach in a beauty parlour.
    7. Go for oxy bleach that will be effective.
    8. Apply egg white let it dry and wash it.

    You have to follow this as your daily routine then only it'll yield you better result.

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    It is true that the skin color by birth cannot be changed.There are also other reasons for dark skin.

    Symptoms of Dark Skin:

    Brownish or dark brown skin
    Dark patches

    Reasons or Causes for Dark Skin:

    1. May be heredity
    2. Hyper pigmentation
    3. Skin disorders
    4. Over exposure to sun rays, Sun Tan
    5. Malnutrition
    6. Sun sensitivity
    7. Vitamin deficiency

    Lighter skin or fair complexion can be attained to some extend
    by healthy diet and proper care for skin.Can go for Spa treatments and beauty parlour but it is little expensive.

    Diet for healthy skin:

    Include a diet which is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B which plays a major role for improving skin complexion.

    Drinking Lime juice every day is beneficial.

    Aloe Vera Juice helps to improve skin complexion and skin texture.Aloe Vera contains some vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and enzymes. Aloe Vera is a good skin moisturizer. It keeps skin moist, smooth and clear looking. Aloe gives skin a healthier look of radiance. The minerals found in the Aloe Vera gives a clear skin.

    Home Remedies for Fair Glowing Skin:

    1. Apply a mixture of equal amounts of cucumber juice and honey on the face and whole body if possible. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.

    2. Application of almond oil every day will give a long lasting fairness.

    3.Grind a cup of mint leaves and apply for 15 to 20 minutes.wash off.

    4. Blend a few strands of saffron in a cup of milk and let it soak over night and apply next morning. Leave it at least for an hour.

    5. Soak four Almonds over night and apply the fine paste of it next morning.

    6. Aloe Vera gel can be applied to attain clear skin.

    Tips to Remember:

    1. Use some good Face Wash instead of soap for face which suits your skin.

    2. Regular cleansing , Toning and Moisturising is very important.

    3. Application of Sunscreen lotion is necessary before going out in sun.

    Attaining a beautiful skin is dream for every girl,Proper care for skin helps to give a clear glowing skin.

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    To become fair,
    1. first of all totally avoid exposing urself to sunlight, to inhibit the melanin formation which is responsible for tanning or blackening of skin.
    2. Apply olive oil over the sun tanned/ dark skin and leave it overnight.
    3. You can try an ayurvedic ointment called kumkumadi lepam for skin colour lightening.
    4. Never use bleach, because ur skin will get wrinkled very sooner.
    5. If u have an oily skin, use lemon peel to scrub ur face.
    6. Potato extract is very good at reducing sun tan/ blackness of skin.
    7. Avoid very oily and spicy foods.Eat as much fresh vegetables as possible.
    8. Never rub ur towel onto ur face, coz friction can increase the rate of melanin formation.
    9. Keep urself always hydrated, if possible drink lots of apple juice, it can do wonders to dull, lifeless skin.

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    Colour of the skin always depends upon the hereditory.

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    hi,to get better complexion ,first of all,avoid the sun. Wear sunscreen or a moisturizer with a sunscreen on all exposed body parts every day, even when it's raining. And

    1. Mix oatmeal with yogurt and tomato juice and apply on the face. Wash it with cold water after 15 minutes.

    2. Apply a mixture of 3-4 drops of lime juice and a grated tomato on face and neck for 15 minutes for 15 days. Wash with cold water.

    3.Apply a paste of besan, milk and lime juicE on face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with water. Repeat every 2 weeks.

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    this is a fact that natural skin tones cannot be changed.but we can take care of that.the major thing we should do is cleansing.clean your face with a cleansing milk twice a day.remember to clean your face before goin to bed too with a cleansing milk.the second thing is that to improve your complexion and remove dead cells,aplly a paste of flour and milk on desired parts of your body for 15 min and then wash away.this wil improve your complexion.when you step out of your house do not forget to aplly sunscreen lotion of suitable spf according to carry sun screen lotions when you step out for your work.this will hepl you prevent tanning of skin.drink a lot of water of corse with addition to fruits,specially citrous fruits.gud day.stay healthy.

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    First apply Aloe vera gel on your face for 10-15 mins and then wash your face with luke warm water and apply vicco turmeric cream. try this for 45 days and u would be fairest guaranteed.

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    It is true. The natural skin tones cannot be changed. But if we do not think about it and do all our day to day responsibilities about our family and society positively and actively the question of skin tone will not come into mind. The others also do not particular about our skin tone when we are doing good things.

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