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    Detail about Share market

    Hi I want to buy shares directly . Can you tell me the details for that ? Can i do that directly or it possible only by Agent

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    For an individual to buy share, they get it from a broker or the agent.

    if they want to buy directly from market like NSE or BSE
    then they need to obtain licence and agreement etc.

    for more details refer to this link.

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    Hi vadivel !
    You can see this article :

    Details to specify when placing an order

    In this section you will learn about the details you need to tell your Broker when you place an order, the different types of orders and why an order may be cancelled.

    * Security - All orders must indicate the security being ordered. Securities are defined by a unique ASX code.
    * Quantity of securities - Each order must specify a quantity of the security to be bought or sold. Depending upon the value of the order, the quantity may or may not be disclosed.
    * Price - An order must have a price. The way a price is expressed depends upon the security being ordered, ie shares, warrants, company options etc.
    * Types of orders - The order type helps determine how the order trades and the price it may trade at.
    * Crossings - Brokers must follow procedures when acting on behalf of both the buyer and the seller in a transaction.
    * Life of an order - An order may be given an expiry date when it is placed, or it may be given a default expiry. In addition, certain market events will cause an order to be automatically cancelled prior to its expiry date.
    * Other considerations - The decision to buy or sell should take into consideration factors other than the security and its price. Trade prices may be affected by the current market phase, upcoming dividends and so on.

    More information
    See at :

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    hello vadivel

    For a person to buy shares he must open a trading account (demat a/c) with any of the Registered brokers or sub-broker.
    the document required to open a account
    *Address & ID proof
    *SB or current A/C with any bank

    if we are planning to invest in share market,first we have to categorize our self
    1,long term
    2,short term

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    Hi Vadivel,

    It is good that you are willing to invest in stock market. First point, One vital suggestion that before investing you should have good enough knowledge of share markets as well as the technical terms related to shares and scripts.

    You should have three things before investing.

    1. Trading Account (Online/Desk Trading/Tele Trading)
    2. Demat Account
    3. Saving account with bank

    Trading account is the account used for trading purpose, you need to open trading account with the brokerage house whicever you choose. There will be some charges for acoount opeining. It varies upon company to company. For that you need to have following document.
    - PAN Card
    - ID/Address Proof (Driving License, Electricity/Phone(landline) Bill, Voter ID card).
    - DOB Proof (Birht Certificate, Attested copy of Secondary marksheet)
    - Passport size photographs (2-3 in numbers)

    After trading account simultaneously your demat account will be opened. You need to sign more than 50 times, that is really boring.

    Third and last one is Saving bank account with internet banking enabled, if you already have then it can be associated with your trading account. Otherwise they themself will open account for you.

    Procedure of trading :

    Delievery: If you purchase/sell any shares and you don't sell it same day till the market close. Then it is called delievery. It means that you want to keep the shares with you.

    Intra Day: If you purchase a share and sell it on the same day before the market closes and you take the difference with you.

    While investing in share market only long term investment will give you smart returns.So any shares you purchase you should keep it with you for long time.

    The sectors which are being recommended are: power, infrastructure, oil & gas, banking.

    Golden rule of share market : Have patience and Invest after looking fundamentals.

    Hope this information will help you out for investing in share market.

    With warm Regards

    Keep Rocking

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    Hi Vadivel

    as you are a new player in share market you open a 3in-1account at ICICI DIRECT which has the easiest porta to do trade .
    and about purchasing shares .there are two types of acount if you have on line account you can buy on your own and if you are using ofline account you have to purchase through your broker.

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    Before planning to buy shares you should understand that the stock prices in stock exchange will change very abnormally.The reasons can be the following:

    1)When government decides to increase or decrease tax for a particular sector the share prices change.When tax increases the demand for companies which are in that particular sector decreases.So share prices go down and vice versa.

    2)When a lot of sellers sell a particular share people think that that company is going down and everybody will try to sell their shares.This lowers the share price in a avalanche way.similarly when people think that a particular company is doing good many buyers(more than sellers ) try to place order and the stock price shoots up.

    3)If the company management is buying up the company’s stock in mass, then that’s a great indicator of the stock’s potential.So many people will try to buy that company's share and prices go up.

    4)Quarterly announcements of a company decides that company's share prices to an extend.If the company have made a profit during last 3 months then people generally think that the same will continue for the next quarter and they buy those shares.

    So before entering the stock market care about all these things.

    For avoiding big loss follow the below few points:

    1)Don’t put all your money in just one stock.

    2)Don’t put all your money in one industry.

    3)Don’t put all your money in just one type of investment.

    4)Only keep 20 percent (or less) of your investment money in a single stock.

    5)Invest in four or five different stocks that are in different industries.

    Some positive reasons for you to buy a stock:

    1)Good earnings reports
    2)A new business deal
    3)A new product or service
    4)Indirect benefits
    5)Lower in debt
    6)strong brand name
    7)R&D company
    8)If the company management is buying up the company’s stock in mass, then that’s a great indicator of the stock’s potential.


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    People like you and me cannot just go to a stock exchange and buy and sell shares.

    Only the members of the stock exchange can. These members are called brokers and they buy and sell shares on our behalf.

    So, if you want to start investing in shares, you can do it only through a broker.

    Every stockbroker has to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India, which is the stock market regulator.

    You can either choose a broker (who is directly registered with SEBI) or a sub-broker (people licensed by brokers to work under them).

    The Bombay Stock Exchange directory or the National Stock Exchange Web site will give you a list of brokers affiliated to them. Most of them entertain retail clients.

    If you want an online broker, you can start by looking at the Web sites of some well-known online players: Sharekhan, Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, 5paise and India Bulls.

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    First of all you have to get your demat account open for that you can open it with any bank or you can go for private agents and their firm so they will look after your investment.If you are new to this field, use the website moneycontrol to understand market and various method of profit and loss,always go for government or big companies at first when you are investing your money,later when you have enough experience then you can always take a few risk.

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