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    Which Toothpaste is best

    Hello Doctor.
    I am 27 year old and feel bad breathing some times. Which toothpaste should used ?
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    Hi Suman,

    Bad breath emnating from the mouth could be the result of improper oral hygiene. There are a number of branded toothpastes available which claim to be tackling bad breath.

    I feel you should opt for a herbal toothpaste made from natural ingredients as they are comparatively safe and more effective.

    I can suggest some names :

    Dabur Red Toothpaste

    It has a number of Ayurvedic herbs like Laung, Pudina and Tomar which will help in tackling bad breath but will keep your gums and teeth healthy as well.

    Dabur's Meswak Toothpaste

    The main ingredient in this is Meswak plant which has been used for ages for oral care and its efficacy has been prooved time and again.

    Divya Pharmacy's Dantkanti

    I can actually vouch for this product. This comes packed with the goodness of time tested herbs and is specially formulated by Yog Guru Ramdev. Go for it to get rid of all tooth related ailments and bad smell.

    The major brands use peppermint oil in their toothpastes to get rid of bad smell but it does not do so permanantly and gives only temporary freshness and therefore you must look for natural ingredients in toothpastes.

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    Dear Suman,

    As Nitst explained oral hygiene is very much necessary to prevent bad breath. But at the same time you must understand the reasons behind bad breath. Their may be many of it. When we eat something, some part of it gets stick to our teeth and if some of the gums are open then it can enter there too. This food particles then gets decay over there, which results is bad breath. An anoher reason may be if your tounge or gums are having some kind of injury, then it can also cause the same. For this purpose its better to consult your dentist.

    Most of the brand of toothpaste which we use are good, if we use it properly. You must brush your teeth in such a way that any food particles stuck in there would get removed. Brushing your teeth twice i.e. once in the morning and once at night helps. Brushing your teeth at night is necessary because at night there is no circulation of saliva in our mouth this results in more germ's attack. Even during day time do not allow your mouth to get dry. So drinking water regularly will again help.

    In my point of view one must change his toothpaste after every 3 months. This is because when we use same kind of toothpaste everytime the germs of our mouth may get immune to it. So its better to change your toothpaste.

    But one must remember that all these can show result only if you follow it continously.

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    This is the common problem among many.

    Please do follow the below points:

    1. I was advised once by our Dentist to use "Colgate Sensitive" for daily purpose,saying that it works very well for good teeth.
    2. It is always good to brush your teeth twice a day to keep the teeth healthy and shiny.
    3. It is always good to wash your mouth completely after every meal.
    4. Make a habit to wash your mouth with water and salt mixed at least once day.
    5. There is a solution "DentaKind" available at the dental stores. This can be used by any of the people. Make a habit to use this solution once a week.
    The process of using this is just apply and leave it for 5 minutes before brushing.

    Always keep these points in mind and try to make a regular habit of brushing twice.

    Hope these suggestions help you!

    Deepti. K

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    Grab them when it knocks your door!!!!

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    To avoid your problems, I suggested you to use AMWAY products. It is completly produced by organic plants. Use AMWAY paste and mouth cleaner to avoid the bad smell.

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    There are numerous toothpastes in the market.It is common for everyone to choose the right toothpaste.

    Many people buy toothpaste based on the advertisements.

    I recommend you to choose the Amway Glister toothpaste. Amway is a product which has no advertisements and they believe in direct selling. When compared to other toothpaste they are costly.But they are more worthy. Try it and tell the difference you feel.

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    Hello Suman,

    You say that you feel bad breathing only sometimes. Maintain oral hygiene as explained by Deepti and Bhishal. You may also use the toothpastes mentioned by Nitst. If your problem still is persisting, then oral hygiene is not your problem.

    Bad breath may also come from indigestion. I used to have this problem. My doctor told me to avoid eating unhealthy food or junk food frequently. This leads to gas or putrid substances in esophagus which sends foul odour in your mouth. Even indigestion has the same effect on your stomach.

    So, identify your exact problem and act immediately. As far as toothpaste is concerned I have been using Colgate since my childhood and I believe it is the best one recommended by most dentists as well.


    Keep smiling

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    Dear Suman ,
    You have asked about a common problem prevailing among many of us - you will come to know of it only when someone interested in you tells frankly.Your question has been answered well by all our members above.For your information ,I have been using"AMWAY GLISTER PASTE" for more than 2 years earlier I was using "Colgate Total Toothpaste" regularly - I was even advised to change the paste to avoid bad smell from our mouth - I was advised about the need for ORAL HYGIENE and i am scrupulously following the cleaning practice daily.There is no problem of bad breathing nowadays.It is not the paste that only counts for bad breath but also one must be aware of the need for oral hygiene and how to practice it.Everyone must be aware that others will listen to him only if there is no bad smell from his mouth - I must have the pleasure to listen and talk to you .

    Follow all the guidelines given above by all of us , you will overcome the problem in no time.

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    If you feel bad breath some times only the it is not a big issue.
    Once in a while just gargle with water.It will go off.
    You may chew a cardomon to your mouth freshened.

    If the bad breath is frequent and somebody is complaining
    then you need medical attention.

    Maintain good oral hygiene in practice.Once in a year visit a dentist and have check up.
    Mohamed Salim

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    Hello Suman,

    Bad breath will lead you to cavity in your teeth because the germs will grow and you will shame to talk closest with any one.
    The best way is to use toothpaste like:-
    1.Himalaya Dental Cream
    As its a branded toothpaste which contain mixture of ayurvedics like kapur ,Neem,Lavang, Babool etc. This will realy help you to prevent your bad breath as well as other problems of your mouth too.

    2.Dabur Meswak Tooth Paste
    It is also an ayurvedic Tooth Paste too. It helps in reducing tooth decay , fight plaque, preven Gum disease and bad breath.

    New pesodent toothpaste is best for you.

    I must suggest you to use liquid cleaner for your total mouth at night before bed that will reduce the bad breath germs and in morning you will feel fresh after brushing anyone of the above toothpaste.

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    All the tooth paste are the same.Distinguishing one from the other about your problem is an exercise in futility.
    To remove bad breath,I give you the tip below;-
    1.Take one teaspoon of oil.Add 10 drops of lemon on it.Mix it.take the pinch of it taking helps from your thumb and index finger.Rub your gum and teeth with it vigorously.
    2.Take 1/2 teaspoonful of salt.pour 5 drops of mustard oil on it.massage it over your your gums and tooth.
    Repeat the above directed processes twice a week and then come back to me to claim the prize if yuo are not rid of your problem.


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