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    Name for my NGO

    I am opening NGO where my mission is to provide self employment to rural women. Basically i will provide them with home based work and train them on some skills like sewing etc. so that they can earn and become independent. Please suggest me some name which depicts my mission. thanks
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    First of all, let me congratulate you for such a great attitude and idea of yours.

    Coming to the question,
    As the NGO is related to the ladies, it can be named with their name.
    Here are some suggestions from my side.

    1. May be named after your mother or any ladies (who has done social service) like :Mother Teresa"

    2. How about the name "Swayam Shiksha"

    3. "Mahia Sadan"

    4. "Mahina Swayam Shiksha Sadan"

    Hope you would comeout with one!!1

    All The Best!


    Deepti. K

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    Hats off to you for this genuine effort!
    I think you should name it:JAGRUTI or STREE-SHAKTI.

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    Dear all,

    thank you very much for all of your suggestions. No matter what name i choose but i certainly am better off with inputs from you all.

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    Your motive behind this cause is really appreciable, it looks to be more practical than preaching.

    In my view, I would suggest 'Swashakthi' which literally means one can earn without dependency.

    Even you can name it as 'Swavalambi' and in a way this too mean as independent.

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    The very thought of opening a NGO is very noble and that too when your mission is to provide self employment to rural women is no doubt to be appreciated. Your proposed NGO will definitely be widely accepted in the society of the rural women and grow successfully.

    As far as the naming for the NGO is concerned, I suggest you consult a numerologist cum astrologer, giving a list of various names suggested by yourself, friends and relatives.

    My suggestion is " Sampoorna Nari Shakti" .

    My best wishes to your NGO.

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    Once again thank you all for your valuable suggestions. Among responses i liked Jagruti, swashakti, Swavalambi but there already exist entities with these names so there might be trademark issue if a opt these names. I suggest you recommend some more options because it is really helpful.

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    Dear Deepak

    My heart full wishes to success in your Mission. This is great step you taking and the right step. My support is there for you any time

    My suggestions
    * Mahilaa Yekekiran
    * Aajada
    * Hum Kisise Kum Nahi

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    Congrats for this very noble cause that you have thought off.

    The name of your NGO can be :

    1) Mahila Kamai Sankalp.
    2) Mahila rozgaar.
    3) Koshish humari kamai nari aur laaye khushali.

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    First of all hats off to you for taking this step. I pray it to be a success story. My suggestion is "MAHILA RATN"

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    some ideas...

    Swatantra Stree
    Swatantra Stree Sadan

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    Indeed a welcome idea to help the deprived section of our society. It is very rarely that ppl think now a days about others. As far as the name is concerned I would suggest some :


    With this I wish you all the best to accomplish your aim to set up a successful NGO for women.


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