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    Why do i have so much gas in my stomach ?

    Hello sir,

    I am 19years old man. There is so much gass in my stomach. So please give any tips to prevent gas.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Try to avoid tea and fast food.
    Regards: Bajwa

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    . Avoid eating too much onion, nuts ( groundnut, peanut), beans, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, raddish
    . Do regular exercise. Lack of exercise & sedentary lifestyle should be avoided
    . Avoid eating junk food, excess bread, spicy foods. Avoid eating at odd times.
    . Avoid excess milk. 2 cups / day is enough. Avoid excess milk products.
    . Drink a lot of water & avoid cold drinks.
    . Avoid eating too much nonveg, chinese food, bread
    . Eat a lot of green vegetables, salad, fruits.
    . Regularize your toilet habits & frequency.
    . Eat more in noon & less at night. Do not sleep immediately after having dinner. Go for walk after having dinner. Chew food properly. This helps in digestion of food

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    There are many reasons associated of this problem of gas in the stomach.
    1. The gas in stomach due to the dietary habits.
    2. Sleeping Disorders.
    3. Indigestion.
    4. Consuming sprouts.
    5. Consuming foods belonging to beans family.
    6. Having more spicy foods.
    7. Some people may develop more gas when consumed some sour foods like mango and lemon.

    Here are some tips to get rid of this problem.
    1. Have a habit of eating half full of Dhaniya daily. Chew this and try to swallow as much juice as possible.
    2. Make a habit of adding jeera powder and turmeric in the dishes prepared daily.
    3. Reduce the intake of spicy foods.
    4. Have a scheduled eating patterns.
    5. Try to have a sound sleep daily.
    6. In case of having more spicy foods, use antacids.
    7. Be cautions while having sprouts. Make a habit of washing the sprouts for at least 4 times with water before consuming.
    8. While consuming foods belonging to beans family, make a habit of washing them for about 4 times before water before cooking.
    9. Try and reduce the intake of spicy foods.
    10. Try to lessen the consumption of sour foods.

    By following the above tips, this problem can be reduced!

    All The Best!

    Deepti. K

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    Our stomach is like a machine. If properly not oiled the machine will start give problems. Just like that the machine should be put into use very regularly.

    Even our stomach is also like that.
    If proper food at proper time is not given to our stomach it will start producing a liquid, called hydro choleric acid. That acid will produce gas when contacts with belly or stomach flesh. It is the indication that your stomach needs to be filled with something solid.
    If not done it will cause ulcer and in turn take to stomach cancer.

    Even it you take some junk foods you may get some gas problems.
    All you have to do is,
    Take food in time
    Take water regularly
    Avoid junk food.
    Keep limitations in Dal and Potato items.
    If case of heavy food, don't forget to take one spoon of jeera with one glass of water.
    If you have strong gas problem then consult the doctor and take some gastric tablets.
    Don't take gastric tablets on your own because some are not suitable for sugar patients.


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    Hello Anonimous friend,

    Following are the Do(s) and Don't(s) for prevention:


    1. Follow proper time schedule for eating- breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm, dinner at 9pm (examples)
    2. Follow proper timings for going to sleep at 10pm and waking up at 6am (examples)
    3. Go for workout in the morning or evening- brisk running for 45min daily
    4. Chew your food properly
    5. Eat patiently without making haste
    6. Sit, stand or stroll for half an hour after taking food, before going to bed. This will help releasing the air that goes along with food and water via burping / belching
    7. Drink water about half an hour after taking food, and drink plenty of water thereafter
    8. Take plenty of fruits and salads
    9. It is a good idea to slightly grill the non-vegetarian food before going for main cooking
    10. Take light snacks like biscuits or chilled milk while feeling empty stomach


    1. Don't drink water / liquor or any liquid along with eating. Because by doing so the digestive juices will be diluted and be ineffective for breaking down the chewed food
    2. Don't swallow air along with food or water while eating and drinking. That will result in flatulence
    3. Don't lie-down immediately after eating food
    4. Don't eat spicy, deep-fried foods, red meat, junk / fast food and saturated fats
    5. Don't overeat
    6. Don't eat heavy food multiple times
    7. Don't cook vegetables specially leafy greens without thoroughly washing them under running water
    8. Avoid being empty stomach as long as you suffer from this ailment

    Your chronic gas problem will be resolved within 4 – 7 days if you follow the above routine. Right now you may take Capsule 'Ocid" – 20mg, empty stomach in the morning for 7 days.


    Harish Jharia

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    I suggest some tips to prevent gas:

    1. Do regular exercise.
    2. Drink two to three glass of water in a empty stomach.
    3. Avoid fried foods.
    4. Avoid dairy products such as paneer , ghee etc.
    5. Make schedule of your breakfast, lunch and dinner and follow the schedule. May be sometimes gas problems occur due to wrong eating habits.
    6. Eat salad as it helps the digestion of food.
    7. Chew saunf and misri after taking meal.
    8. Drink water after 20 minutes of eating.

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    In gas trouble, are the problem adult age peoples. It will cure ayurvedic medicine and some remedies has follows. You can take some exercise in push up and Thoppukaram Exercise it will cure gas trouble

    Home remedies

    1. Take one tablespoon of curd and kadukkai powder to mix it and drink before food drink every day.
    2. One lemon to take and juice to it and add some salt mixes it well and drinks this mixture before your meals.
    3. Crush mint leaves in bowl to add a glass of water and mix well to take up for two weeks daily.
    4. Elathi Chooranam Tablet takes 2 pills and grind and take hot water to mix it well and drink after food. It will cure gas trouble on stomach.
    5. Elathi Chooranam Powder mix with buttermilk and drink after food.

    Must Avoid this

    1. In your mouth to grinding a food of small quantities to eat food
    2. Avoid chew gums
    3. Avoid more to eat in onion
    4. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking.
    5. Avoid carbonated drinks to gas heavily
    6. Stress level in your body to reduce
    7. Salty and spicy food to be avoided.
    8. Must avoid exercises after a meal

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