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    Is hard disk an input/output device?

    Is hard disk an input/output device? why?
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    A hard disk is part of a unit, often called a "disk drive," "hard drive," or "hard disk drive," that stores and provides relatively quick access to large amounts of data on an electromagnetically charged surface or set of surfaces. Today's computers typically come with a hard disk that contains several billion bytes (gigabytes) of storage.

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    Hi Nikhil,
    First of all i would tell you what are input devices and output devices?
    Input devices- these are the devices used to give the input signals to the main control. example: keyboard,mouse in computer, remote controller in television sets, etc.
    Output devices- these are those used to display the result of any kind of activity or input. Example: monitor screen in case of computer and other led display in case of say calculators.

    now hard disk or hard drive is a device that is widely used for storage purposes. We can say this a intermediate interface of the input and output signals.
    According to the input signal from input devices the required data i.e. the output signal is send to the output devices.

    so hard disk is neither input and nor output device.

    if you still have a doubt then please ask here.

    Er. Atul Barapatre.

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    Hi nikhil Harddisk can be internal as well external too since today we get portable harddisk which can be taken anywherer we want . So
    this harddisk is external. But the one that is fixed in the computer is internal.

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    hi Nikhil,
    "Hard Disk" is not among I/O devices. Some I/O devices are like keyboard,mouse,monitor,printer etc.
    Hard Disk is a "storage device". Read and Write operations are available with Hard Disk. Platters are stored one after another just like a cylinder. Every 'platter' has 'tracks' and every track has 'sectors'. Sector is the smallest storage unit in "Hard Disk".Size of one Sector is 1 Kb(1024 bytes).

    If you need any technical questions answers feel free to contact me.
    h've a good day...

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    Hi friend,
    Your this is wrong. The hard disk is not an input device. As the same time it is also not an output device. It is a memory unit. It is used to store data for a long time

    Take Care

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    Hard disk is neither an input nor an output device its a storage device

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    First you should know what is input/output device.
    Input is nothing but human who is giving the input to the computer using some equipments like keyboard, mouse. so human will type some data based on that computer will give the output using the device like monitor, speaker, printer. But Hard disk is nothing but where we can store the data's. like movies, documents, music etc.

    Hope you understand clearly now.

    Warm Regards

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    Hard disk is a storage device when it comes to input device like keyboard you can enter information through it and you can see the information on the monitor which work as a output device,so you can very well see and understand that how input and output device work so which is not possible with the hard disk on which read and write process can be followed like you can read data from it and write data to it.

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    Let us see what is an input/output device: An input/output device, famously called as an I/O device, is a device that transfers data to or from a computer and to or from a peripheral device (periperal devices are those that are not parts of essential computer. Examples: CD-ROM, printer, mouse, keyboard). Every transfer of data is an output from one device and an input into another. Input Devices as well as output devices are a needed in order to ensure that data is entered into a computer to be processed and the results are output.

    The devices like keyboards and mouses are input-only devices while devices like printers are output-only.

    Whereas a writable CD-ROM is both an input and an output device.

    Now, coming to the question, if hard disk is an I/O device and why?

    The data and information need to be stored to eliminate re-entry and/or reprocessing (since the main memory is volatile meaning that the data is lost when the computer is switched off) and hence we have storage media. And hard disk is a storage device. There are many storage devices like floppy disks, magnetic tapes.

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    hardisc is an storage device... where u can store your datas.

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