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    Difference between Portal and Website.

    Can anybody tell me the difference between a portal and a website? Point wise.
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    Hello Vijay Kumar,

    A portal is a method by which one can access a number of services.
    A website is a unique location which is specified bu a URL.
    So, how is a website different from a portal? The answer is as follows:

    1. Facilities
    A website provides the facility of identifying a user and giving him exclusive services. For example after you login to your profile in ISC you can edit your profile. This is possible with the help of URL in a website.
    But a portal does not give such facility.

    2. Contents
    In a website, only the necessary information is provided. For example, once you log in to your profile, you will see your lobby only.
    In a portal, all the information which may be used by a number of users is seen.

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    Hello Nikhil,

    Your answer about portal is right, but I am not agreed with the answer about Website. You have given the hyperlink of a page.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    hi Vijay
    I can explain for you what is a website.
    1A website is that is developed for a particular company, organizations, institutions etc. to display the content of that paticular firm .That also may provide mailing services but only to the employees who are working in it.
    Examples : or any other websites of educational institutions, universities or any other firm

    2websites dont conducts threads ,forums
    3 if u take portals google or india they are opened to any one and any one can register and use the services where it is not possible with a website.
    4 if u take website of microsoft ,infosys ,satyam etc only members means employees can login with ,
    5 If there is a search option in the website also it will search only with in the content of the website .
    if it is a portal like google links or list a no .of other urls
    relevent to ourquery

    I think now u question is clarified

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    Hello Vijay,

    As rightly explained by Nalini, a website offers the services such as mailing facilities, search options exclusively to the employees, or members of the website.

    I just gave an example giving the URL once you are logged in ISC. This is just an example. Please do not get confused. I just wanted to portray that a website can be the URL of the site when a user logs in using his ID. Thus, when you manage your account in ISC, that is exclusively done for you and your profile. This is possible only in a website and not a portal. So, the URL I gave is a website.

    Hope your doubt is clarified.
    Nikhil Shelke

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    portal is the ip address of the web site and web site is the service on the particular ip address

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    A web site may be offering a single service but a portal is likely to offer many services.

    Examples of portal could be Times of India which offers free services like E-Mail and Job serach and also has a shop which sells every thing online for discount.

    Apart from it it has its news paper content publishing services.

    A simple web site could be a small company website which just deals with its focussed business and nothing else.

    A portal is liekly to have millions of unique visitors per month because of the free services it offers.

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    There are several responses to this thread. My fellow members tried well to explain, here is the concept which differentiate between a portal and a website.

    Website as the name itself says is a site on web which has collection of related web pages, images, videos and various digital content of the same kind and is accessible via a common URL having the domain name which is referred as IP address of the website. Also a website has at least one server from which its contents are fetch over the internet or intranet.
    Websites are categorized into following categories depending on different domains:
    Personal website
    Commercial website
    Government website
    Non-profit organization website


    A web portal is nothing but a links page which provides information from different internet resource in a standard way. Portal is just a way to fetch information from different services. We can categorize various search engine as web sites which offer us services like e-mail,news,information and entertainment. Portals provide access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases. We can have different portals like iGoogle,Yahoo etc.

    Hope I have cleared the concept very well.

    Amit Siwach

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