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    Sections in Law

    Hi .

    Please Tell Me How Many Sections are there according Indian Law?

    i.e., 304 for attempt murder
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    Your question is vague,not clear and section 304 is not attempt to murder in IPC.

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    The Indian Law is not a single Book which contains all the laws. There are different laws and each law contains various Sections.

    Some of the important Indian Laws are :-

    1. The Indian Penal Code-deals with crime and punishment.
    2. Indian Comapny's Act-deals with formation and other issues of companies.
    3. Indian Succession Law.
    4. Indian Contracts Act.
    5. Indian Income-tax Act. etc etc.

    The section 304 you have referred belongs to Indian Penal Code. The current IPC has about 500 Sections. Some of the important sections are Section-302 for Murder, Section-420 for Cheating, Section-498A for cruelity against women etc.

    Disclaimer :- Because of the limited facts given by you, the reply post can only be taken as a guidance and not a sound legal advice. Please give full details of your case for an expert legal opinion.

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