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    What are reasons for being stone in our stomach some times?

    What are reasons for being stone in our stomach some times? What are cure to save from it to us? Is there any easy way to remove stone from body?
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    Drinking contaminated water is the main reason of stone in the kidney. Well there may be some other reason also, like eating junk food and uncooked food, eating soil or breathe in the dusty environment.


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    In present days,it can be cured by medicines and home made medicines as follows:
    Daily frink 2-3 litres of water.
    Avoid including tomatoes and green leaves in your food.
    Tender coconut water can be taken.
    Eat daily in empty stomach" cooked vazhai thadu"(trunk of the plantium tree) or its juice.
    Saline, trips,vein injection can also cure this.So consult the doctor,he will give you medications that will flush out the stone along with urine.

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    Did you say stone in the stomach?
    Well i`ll have to assume you mean either Kidney (renal stones) or you mean Gall bladder stones. I can't think of stone in stomach, unless you have ingested it, cases like trichobezoar and Pica.
    But assuming you meant one of the two i mentioned above
    1.For gall stones :- unless you are having symptoms of pain, you don't need to do anything. If in case you have pain, you can do Laproscopic cholecystectomy (Lap chole in short colloquial terms)

    The symptoms are pain in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen ( right hypochondrium, vomiting, fever etc.

    2. For renal stones, you will get pain from the loin to your groin typically (side of your abdomen, to somewhere near your inner thigh fold) but it may just be localised also.
    You may have a tender spot behind near the angle of your twelfth rib, and twelth vertebral body. If you press there, and you have pain, then it's suggestive of renal stones(Morphy's punch).

    Normally, i reassure you that it will pass by itself, you will feel some pain when passing urine. That's a good sign that it's traveling down. If the doctor tells you it's quite big, ESWL electro shockwave lithotripsy is very very safe. Basically using ultrasound waves, we crush the stones in the kidney so that you will pass it out in the urine.

    You can drink lots of water. All the methods I've told are quite safe.

    Well The causes of
    1. Gall stones are - excess cholesterol(fat), hemolytic anemia like sickle cell anemia, obesity, female gender above 40 years have a greater predilection, pregnancy even to an extent.

    2. The renal stones occur due to conditions causing hyperurecemia (uric acid stones), calcium oxalate stones. (therefore avoid tomatoes when you have this.

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