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    How to get a legal heirship certificate?


    I want to know the procedure for obtaining legal heir ship certificate.. How many days it takes to complete the procedure?..

    What purpose it does for legal heir?

    Is all family members to be included in legal heir? (including expired persons)

    I want the answers as soon as possible sir.. Because i have to apply for my Grand mother legal heir..
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    A legal heir certificate is issued by the governemnt for the following purposes to establish relation ship of the diseased with the applicant

    To establish relation ship for claims relating to Insurance,pension , retirement benefits or service benefits of central and state governemnt departments,Governemnt undertakings etc.

    In legal succession cases to get succession certificate to establish the relationship

    To get employments. for eg Compassionate appointments .

    Following documents are required for applying this certificate

    Death certificate

    Idendity Card

    Ration card

    Prescribed application form by affixing a courtfee stamp of Rs5/-

    The purpose for which the certificate is applied for should be mentioned in the application.

    On the recommendation report of the village officer the certificate is issued by the Tehsildar after completing the required formalitiies .

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    A legal heir certificate is issued by the government for those individuals whose parent/husband is dead without leaving a will.

    If an individual wants to claim his/her parents property they have to submit the legal heir certificate.

    All living family members have are included in the certificate if there is no will.

    Approach the district thasildar office with the death certificate and produce the form.

    It will take around a month to process all the necessary information and receive the certificate.

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