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    Which is best course after B.Tech(IT)?

    I have just finished my 3rd yr. in B.Tech in Information Technology and there are lot of questions in my mind.
    I was planning to do M.Tech but all my friends says that only career option left after is teaching. Is it true?
    Are the course from c-dac is good to get a good job in IT?
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    Hello MOHIT GUPTA,

    What your friends told is a correct to a maximum extent but not completely. Being from IT background doing M.Tech is not a good option. However if you get a chance to do in reputed institutes like IIT or NIT's then it is advisable but to get seat in such a university you need to work hard a lot and crack a rank under 500 in GATE which is not an easy job. If you do M.Tech in other institutions its mere waste of time as your sure to end up your career in teaching profession.

    Coming to job as a fresher you will get a good job but there wont be any improvement in your position as you only hold a Bachelors degree. So what I would suggest is that it would be a better option if you try to do MS in foreign countries as they are on par with the latest technology.



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    Hi dear,

    This is good that you are so contious about your future plan.

    In my opinion you should do prepration for GATE exam.Because in GATE paper, the whole syllabus is so perfectly desgined so that your all concept,from beginning to end, is automatically revised & if you work hard,little bit, then i am sure that you can crack it easily.

    Look paper of GATE is not hard, it is totally concept based. Just think about that, time duration is about 3:00 hours,100 questions which include 1 & 2 marks questions, so you can imagine easily that problome is not so big & difficult. If your concept is clear then you can score easily. It is totally logic based or if you can't crack gate so don't worry, by this you are prepare for your interviews.But i suuggest, if you do M.Tech. from IITs/NITs & other reputed engg. colleges, then it is not necessary that, only teaching option is open. Most of the big IT companies offers higher salary as compare to B.Tech. graduate.

    If you are not interested then you can do 3/6 months courses of advanced software such as mainframe,oracle etc.

    yeah! C-dac is also a good option, you can choose it, but this is my personal suggestion for you dear, don't waste the time, just do prepare for GATE!

    All The Best!

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    hi friend,

    its good to start thinking for your future right now.

    In my opinion instead of doing you should do MBA or try in civil services.

    UPSC conducts examination for civil services.
    an MBA degree course is better then, you can give CAT exam for admission in IIT's.

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    Hi Mohit,

    Frankly speaking it never matter what opportunities does any choice holds with it.If anything matters is your liking to it .

    It might look philosophical, but it is a fact.Each choice has its own benefits.

    Being specific to your case, is not something that will left you with a single option of teacher-ship,it is something that will give you a mastery over some specific part of information technology.

    You can consider, M.Tech=All opportunities of + You will be the first choice when matters to that specific topic.

    And about profession of teaching,what's wrong with that.There are peoples who earn in five digits per month and above all they get huge amount of respect.No doubt it needs some time and a lot of experience.

    But all this works if you have interest in it. Otherwise everything will be just in vein just as in any case where you have no interest.

    so ask yourself what do you like and go for that.Remember one thing my friend, "Hard work never goes in vein".

    Best of luck.

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    You should have a clear mindset what to do in future? Have you planned to go far in your life? then growth wise industry option is better but if you choose then it will open a door to do Phd afterwards, and doing masters is not so that you must do the teaching job. it is upto you to decide.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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