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    Biotechnology seminar topics

    I need some recent seminar topics in biotechnology.
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    Hi sreena,

    biotechnology is vast subject but if you would have asked specifically about a particular subject. it would easy for me to suggest. Any way here are some of topics which is recently under talk.

    1) Microfactories: microbial production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
    2) Biological hydrogen production
    3) Plant biotechnology for crop improvement
    4) Mycotechnology: the role of fungi in biotechnology
    5) Applications of biotechnology and genomics in goats
    5) Biotechnological applications of microbial proteomes
    6) Gene silencing and DNA methylation processes
    7) Post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants
    8) RNA-mediated gene silencing in non-pathogenic and pathogenic fungi
    9) Gene silencing in human embryonic stem cells by RNA interference
    10) Normal stem cells and cancer stem cells: similar and different
    11) Apoptosis signaling in cancer stem cells
    12) The stem cell niche in health and malignancy

    i believe this are the recnt topics in biotecnology and you can refer biotech magazine, websites etc.

    thank you
    with regards


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    its really exciting and thrilling to present seminars especially in the evergreen and booming sector of Biotechnology. for seminars, you can select two kinds of topics.

    1. Research work: You can refer the journals like journal of biosciences, current science and resonance, study the research papers (out of their laboratory research work) published by authors and you can present the same work in a more understandable and comprehensive way.

    2. Review: you can select any interesting, latest topic in Biotechnology - be it a new technology developed, idea or implementation. collect all possible information from web, give your own input in form of your own ideas, suggestions for implementation and improvement of technology and present the same with a clear description about the technology.

    you can try the following topics.

    1. DNA Computers
    2. Nano biosensors
    3. Antisense Technology for crop improvement.
    4. Plant disease resistance and genetic engineering
    5. RNA interference technology
    6. Stem cell technology to cure eye diseases
    7. Designer babies
    8. Comparative genomics and its application in drug discovery.
    9. Enzyme technology in beverage industry.
    10. genetic modifications and impact on society and agriculture

    Best Regards

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