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    Working model for physics..

    I need to design a working model of any household appliance like cooler,juicer,grinder,water filter etc.
    If possible please suggest model of appliance that is easy to make, easily available material and the materials Should not be too expensive.
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    Hi, if you really interested in making projects,than i can suggest few ideas which is very helpfull to making your project.But first tell me that in which class/standard do you read?

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    As we know that the base of electrical and electronic components in based on the semi-conductor devices such as diode, transistor, Triac, Tiac, Fet, Mosfet etc.

    These are the basic components which is almost all the components of the realistic life uses in his construction.

    The main property of these devices is that they conduct current in forward bias by depleting the depletion layer and thus increasing the conductivity of the diode whereas in reverse bias, the width of the depletion layer increase which reduces the flow of the current.

    The materials used in the construction of house appliances are not too expensive for an individual and know their actual he/she should get concern with the text book and reference book because a lot of precautions is to be taken while working on any project.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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