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    Burn in my right thigh

    my friend is 19 year old, in jan 2008 she had burned with hot water now she have big scar in her right thigh. Scar is not like black spot ,in scar area skin is not normal it is like a fish skin.plz suggest what she do.
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    hi friend,
    Its not a big problem dont worry about this,
    first of all clean that scar with hot water and take coconut oil and mixed with turmeric powder and make a paste like and apply by keeping this on spare time it will giv a super solution take care bye..


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    There is no need to worry about the scar as it is on the thigh which may not be visible at most of the time unless she wears mini skirts or such other clothes. There may not be any cream that can fully remove the scar but she can try placentrex only after an advice from a doctor.
    Always apply wet mehndi on the affected area in case of burns to avoid blisters and early healing of the wounds. This will not only relieve the pain but will also reduce the chances of scars. I have tried this time and again and this has always proved a best remedy for burns. This is the only best medicine for burns that I have discovered.

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