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i am asking this question for my friend. my friend got married one and a half year back. the girl to whom he is married to is not ready to adjust with him or his family. she always quarells with him for silly matters. and often she has the mentality of suspecting him. my friend is living in a joint family. feeling it impossible to cope up with her he asked her for divorce. at tht time she threatened him by saying that she would commit suicide and moreover she will also kill his brothers wife. she suspects that he and his brother's wife are having extra marital affair, which is totlly absurd.On investigating about her in her maternal place they got the information that the girl is having a little psychic problem. even before in her school days she had attempted to commit suicide

my friend is in great mental stress. He is in a situation where always d doors are closed. Even his family members are in a dilemma. i hereby request to to please suggest a solution or any legal procedure so that my friend could apply for divoce

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Author: PINAKI BHATTACHARYYA    16 Oct 2011      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 4  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Still now, all the matrimonial laws are in favour of women in India.If your friend have any doubt about the mental condition of his wife,he should contact an expert doctor and should start his wife's treatment.If the mental disorder is incurable,then only it will be a ground for obtaining divorce.He is to obtain a certificate from the expert doctor in this regard and thereafter he is to make a GD entry before the local police station with the copy of the said certificate or prescription of the expert doctor to avoid preliminary police harassment in case of any suicide committed by his wife.The receipt of the said GD entry should be kept carefully for further reference.It will be better and easier to file a mutual divorce in case,the mental disorder is permanent .

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