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    How to make hair silky?

    My hair is very rough and dry. I am unable to make it soft even after applying conditioners. what to do?
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    Well to make your hair silky and smooth you should go for hair smoothening. Ask the beautician to use Loreal products. It will cost you around Rs 700. It depends on the quality of your hairs that how many sitings you will have to give to make your hairs completely smooth. After the treatment, you will have to repeat the hair smoothening treatment after every three months. But this time your work will be over in one siting only.


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    The best and natural method to make your hair silky is to use Curd. Apply Heena with tea water on scalp weekly. Once in a month Apply egg paste on hair from root to the end and wash it after one hour with any herbal shampoo
    It really works.


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    Hi friend,
    Here are some tips to make your hair silky.

    * Add 7 drops of lemon juice to an egg.Beat well and apply on hair.After 15-20 minutes, wash with a mild shampoo.

    *Mix a paste of onion and lemon juice and apply it on hair.After half an hour wash with herbal shampoo.

    *Never brush wet hair.

    *Always wear a hat when you step out in the sun.

    *Wash your hair with beer once in a week.

    *Wash the hair with sour yoghurt once in a month.Don't do this frequently as it enhances pre-mature greying of hair.
    Good luck.

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    Hello Friend,

    Silkiness of hairs depends on two factors:

    Type of Hair: Different people have different types of hair and that is most of the times genetic. Some people have hard hairs that are difficult to comb even. It is very difficult to make hard hairs silky. If you have such type of hairs, I would suggest you to go for re-bonding first in a quality saloon and then make use of good quality shampoo and conditioners as recommended by saloon hair specialist.

    However, if your hairs are already thin, then I would suggest you to give your hair an egg bath twice a week. Take one egg in a bowl and shake it with little oil in it. Apply it on your hairs for half an hour and then wash them. You will surely find a change in months to come. For regular purpose make use of Satnique Shampoo and Conditioner by Amway. You will find extra glow, shine and silkiness in your hair.

    Type of Water: Water is also a major factor which helps in nourishing our hair. Often we use impure water for washing our hair which results in making them dry and rough.

    I also faced the same problem when I was living in an industrial area where the water was not so good and my hairs turned out to be very rough and dry. However, when I returned to my home town Shimla, the water there is very pure and by washing my hair with them, they always turn silky.

    So make use of pure water for washing your hairs. Hope all these tips will definitely work in making your hairs silky.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    To make hair silky and healthy I will prefer to use the following effective and natural remedies:

    # Natural Remedy No.1. Make a mixture of one egg with 6-8 drops of lemon juice and stire it well. Apply on your hair by gently rubbing so that the mixture completely enters in the roots of the hairs. Allow it for 30 minutes and then wash hair with some branded shampoo. Continue the process twice a week to make your hair healthy, soft and silky.

    # Natural Remedy No. 2 . Mixture of Amla and Shikakai power with home made card is also good home remedy to make hair healthy, soft and silky.

    # Natural Remedy No. 3. Massaging by herbal Aroma, Rosebery or Titri Oil will help to make hair health, soft and silky.

    # Natural Remedy No. 4. Applying mixture of home made curd, lemon juice with few drops of pure mustard oil on hair at least twice in a week will make hair silky and soft.

    # Natural Remedy No. 5. A mixture of Hibiscus (china rose) and lemon juice ia glass of hot water can be used before shampoo is one of the proven home herbal medicine to make hair healthy and silky.

    # Natural Remedy No. 6. Mixture of 100 gm each of Amla and Shikakai powder with 10 gm of Booti, 1/2 gm of Shilajeet, 20 gms of Annar chhilka and 10 gms of Bhringraj to be made in iron container and keep the mixture overnight to mix well. Apply the mixture on scalp on hair roots and allow it to absorb in to the hair roots for 1- 2 hours.
    Wash hair with little bit warm water and completely dry hair. This is also a proven home made medicine to keep hair healthy, soft and silky.

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    The hairs are the part of the body which is most of the times get exposed to the open environment and with the entry of the dust particles and many other impurities lost its softness.

    In order to keep your hair soft then applying the conditioner into your hairs and after applying the conditioner doesn't go the outside for any personal or the other works, As the wet hairs allow the dust particles to get stick with the hairs and make then hard and rough.

    Avoid to go to the places where there is a lot of dust and impurities are there after applying air or any other gel.

    Use shampoo that will able to remove your dandruff ,as it is the primary reason that doesn't allows yours hairs to be soft.For example either use BHIRIGRAJ or the CITRILIC acid as it will provide your hairs with the vitamin E and vitamin C and keep your hairs soft all the times because it contain various herbs that will allows your hairs to be soft all the times.

    Don't change yours shampoo frequently,as using so many brands of shampoo will affect the growth and softness of your hairs as they contain different configuration of chemical formula.

    Chirag Sachdeva

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    You can try washing your hair with rita phal. It will make your hair silky.

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    There are many ways we can make our hair soft and silky.
    If you are interested in natural & herbal things then you can prepare a paste of :
    Procedure 1: Hibiscus leaves + egg white(optional) grind it in to a thick paste . apply the paste and leave it for more than a hour. wash it in warm water, continue doing it for 2 weeks once you will notice change in your hair. Hair will become more shiny and soft.

    Procedure 2: soak fenugreek seeds in water for overnight.After it has been soaked for more than 10 hour gring it in to a thick paste and add lime to it.apply and leave it to dry. Later wash it in warm water.

    Procedure 3: Add coconut oil + castrol oil . heat the oil and apply it.For more effect apply it in the night times and take bath in morning.

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    1. Regularly massage the hair with almond oil. It helps to get silky and strong hair.
    2. Make a paste of hibiscus leaves and apply on the hair.
    3. Eat a protein rich diet.

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    There are various remedies you can use to make hair silky.
    01. Use almond oil and massage your hair day before you wash your hair
    02. Take some olive oil and egg and mix it till paste and apply on the hair for 20 minutes and wash the hair.
    03. Aloe gel is very effective remedy. Take aloe vera gel with the shampoo and apply it on hair.
    04. Take some white vinegar and water. mix well and apply it on hair.
    05. Take some beer in a bowl and apply it on hair and wash the hair.
    06. The most important thing for silky hair is the good shampoo. The shampoo should gentle, moisturizer and conditioner.

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    1. Soak 1 handful of fenugreek in water the last night. Next day, Grind the soaked fenugreek to a paste by adding few drops of water. Apply the paste to the hair in layers, by taking partitions. Leave it for 20 mins and wash it off.
    This is one of the best conditioner prepared naturally.The results yielded are amazingly good.

    2. Take 4 tablespoons of henna powder, juice extracted from 3 full lemon, 1 ounce Coffee decoction, 4 tablespoons of curd. Mix all the ingredients to make a paste. dont add water.
    prepare the paste the last night and apply the paste to the hair in layers, by taking partitions. Leave it for 20 mins and wash it off.

    3. Dilute 2 teaspoons of honey in one mug full of water. After complete hair wash, use this as the final rinse. Donot apply anything after that. just wash off that is enough. Once the hair is dry, the hair becomes very silky and very very lustrous.

    4. Prepare 100ml of concenterated tea decoction and dilute in one mug full of water. After complete hair wash, use this as the final rinse. Donot apply anything after that. just wash off that is enough. Once the hair is dry, the hair becomes very silky

    Eat more and more cucumber,salads, greens, veggies, etc to get more nourishment.

    Vidya Priyadarshini.BN
    (ISC Silver member)

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    Do one thing only.Use the herbal mehandi This will remove all your hair problems and make it smooth and silky too.

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