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    Best brand of Guitar in India

    I want to buy a guitar,so please suggest some brands for beginner for 11 years old kid and where to buy guitar in Delhi or Noida. How much it will cost.
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    hi shilpi! infact you did not mention what type of guitar. there are type of guitars viz.acoustic guitars,gut guitars,jazz guitars,electric guitars, mute guitars,dist guitars e.t.c.

    I think the guitar you are referring to is acoustic guitar which is widely used by non proffessionals and more over if you have skill at playing one type ,you can handle any type as the basic is same.

    as you are a beginner , take an accoustic guitar of givson company of cost Rs.3,000/ are usually important for western classic where you need to play chords i.e playing more than one note simultaneoously. you can play indian movie music as well which do not require much better join a western music tuitor.
    good luck

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    Hi Nikhil,

    Raj Musicals of west Patel Nagar in Delhi offers varies range of branded guitars like Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electro- Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar.

    Address of the Raj Musicals show room is as below:

    Raj Musicals
    2188/6 Main West Patel Nagar,
    Opposite Metro Rail Pillar No.224
    New Delhi-110008

    In my opinion Classical Guitar will suit the learner of 11 years of age.
    Brand name of this Classical Guitar is:
    Yamaha Classical Guitar C40
    Minimum Price: Rs 4,500 INR.

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    one of the famous brand of guitar is GIBSON in india GIVSON.
    But it si good for hollow body (acoustic) type.
    For electric guitar you should go for YAMAHA of ROLAND.
    Don't invest too much intially.I would suggest to buy GIVSON accoustic guitar which will cost you around 2500 rs. For learning purpose electric guitar is not good. As it will not help you in learnig correct frequency. Even after you learn enough buy a suitable model,not too costly. If you want invest more money but PITCH bander and other accesories.
    Enjoy music.


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    The way you have ask the question it seems you are inquiring for an acoustic guitar. There are many brands available in India, but whenever you go to buy, please go for the sound quality which you like the most. Sound or tonal quality is what keep your kid's interest alive and not the brand name. Few thing you must keep in your mind before buying an acoustic guitar for that purpose please go through acoustic Guitar for beginner

    In Delhi there are many popular musicals store you can find. Please find it below and please contact them.
    2.R.N. BHARGAVA & CO. : 09350131378
    3.RAJ MUSICALS : 09810230320
    4.RNB MUSIC PVT LTD : 011-43513848
    1.AMRIT MUSIC PVT LTD : 09888696405

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    Yamha,taylor and fender are the best brand of acoustic guitar in India .

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