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    How to find the owner of airtel mobile no in tamil nadu circle?

    I want to know about one airtel mobile no details in tamil nadu circle
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    Most of the time, the service provider will not be ready to reveal the details unless and until the request comes from police. But you can always try their customer service. If you are just searching for the address, then you can request them for that, but if you are trying to find the owner as you keep receiving unwanted calls and messages, better go through police.

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    Dear Anand,
    I don't think that is possible.Knowing the owner of a mobile,by just knowing the mobile number is not possible.The Airtel company is not allowed to disclose the owner details to other people.
    But you can know which area the cell phone belongs to by searching for the area code of the mobile number.


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    Dear Friend,
    This act you want to perform strictly agains the privacy policy of AIRTEL.
    You should mension here that why are you required to know the name of the owner.
    The possible conditions are : -
    1. Somebody is irretating you. In this situation you should file a FIR to nearest police station and then submit it to nearest airtel point. Find it at Here.
    And you will definately get ID of that mobile owner.
    2. You have lost and want your number back and you have to submit ID to get it back. In such a case just dial 121 and ask to Airtel representative.
    3. You just want to try it for fun. If you just want to try it for fun then you can't know the owner name but you can get the region where it is active. This is for any company mobile and doesn't illeagel. Just give a TRY.
    You may also download Java application TRACK ME.
    It may not give you current position as it doesn't require an active net connection but can help you a lot.
    I think Your problem is resolved now.
    Thanks for your time.


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    I think its not possible to find out owner of airtel mobile number.with the help of any higher officials this can be made it possible..

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    if you want detail of particular mobile no. then it is only possible if somebody is disturbing you, like he/she keep on calling you and saying bad words and for that you have to go near by police station and and file a FIR then it will be police responsibility to give you details of that no.

    but if you want his/her mobile no. details just like that then it is not possible legally.

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    First go to the nearest airtel show room or active center.
    instruct the professionals there properly for their questions.
    Then it is legally possible to get the mobile number.

    Got the result for your problem?

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