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    How to copy paste a text in turbo C ++

    How to COPY PASTE any text in TURBO C++ compiler? I have used "ctrl c" to do so but it does not work.please help
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    In turbo c++ "Ctrl c" is not used for copying a text.

    Select text you want to copy then click
    ctrl Insert is used for copying text
    Shift insert is used for Pasting text
    Shift delete is used for cutting text

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    The best way to do this is open the C file in note pad and copy the text into it. Save and Close it and reopen in Turbo C.
    Normally the windows clipboard doesn't work with DOS applications.


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    cntrol+c for copy option

    and control +v for paste option
    first of all you select the whole line which you have to paste
    than copy and after then paste.
    my ragards
    dheeraj kushwaha

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    hi Mr dheeraj
    the answer you have given is totally wrong..In my question itself i have written that I have used ctrl+c to copy but it does not work in turbo C++.
    But the answer given by Mr Sashank Sunkara is right and I found that works also.I think you must see that. Anyways thanks for answering the question .

    pankaj agarwala

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    hello there
    there are various method for clipboard option like copy paste etc
    1) select the text
    for cut "shift + delete"
    for copy "ctr + insert"
    for paste "shift + insert"
    2) open the file in the note pad and appy the options for copy paste
    3) select the text then go to edit menu(alt e) and apply the copy paste option

    vinay chhabra

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    This is very easy. Follow these simple steps.

    1. Copy the text you need to copy.

    2. Right click the turbo c++ tab in the task bar below.

    3. In that click edit and then click paste.

    That's all buddy.

    Deepak Kumar
    ISC Gold Member.

    "Always try before retreating"

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    We cant use "^c" in turbo c++ for copying a text.

    For this,

    Select text you want to copy then click
    ctrl Insert.
    It is used for copying text

    some more useful keys in turbo C++ are:
    Shift insert is used for Pasting text
    Shift delete is used for cutting text

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    I am not sure but try this.
    Select what you want to copy.
    Open Turbo C
    Open the required file
    Place the cursor where you want to paste.

    If this does not work then you can save the notepad file
    Open this file through turbo C
    Now use copy paste in Edit menu

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    In text documents, word documents and all the related applications we use, the shortcuts for some operations are as follows.
    Cut : Ctrl + X
    Copy : Ctrl + C
    Paste : Ctrl + V
    Clear : Delete
    Undo : Ctrl + Z
    Redo : Ctrl + Y

    In C compilers, there are no shortcuts for the cut, copy, paste, clear, undo, redo operations. But, there are shortcuts for these operations in C++. They are as follows.
    Cut : Shift + Delete
    Copy : Ctrl + Insert
    Paste : Shift + Insert
    Clear : Ctrl + Delete
    Undo : Alt + Backspace
    Redo : Shift + Alt + Backspace

    To copy and paste in C++, select the code using mouse and then press Ctrl + Insert to copy. Now, press Shift + Insert at the place where you want to paste the code.

    Hope this answer helps.

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