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    What are the options after class XII Commerce stream

    I am a student of commerce streame.
    I am an average student and our financial condition is also not good.
    Recently I have given my 12th board exam.
    can u plz guide me which is the best career option for me.
    can you sugeest that sector which demand will never become less due any reasons.
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    Hi Rahul,

    From your question I can understand that you are upset. DOnt feel like this, its law of nature that not all people in the earth are all scholars. Do not mind if you are an average student. There are lot many people who are not well in study are grown and doing well in the society.

    I would prefer you stick to your interest as it you who will face the study and you should cope up the syllabus. I suggest you read my resource on What after SSC and find out the details of courses available after HSC which lists courses.

    You can also plan your career in doing some certification like AMFI Advisor Module Course and become an independent Financial Planner. For more information please visit the link Become AMFI Certified Professional

    For detailed syllabus and notes on AMFI please visit AMFI Certification Notes

    All the Best for your future career.

    Nilesh Panchal
    College Editor of IndiaStudyChannel
    Your children will become what you are; So be what you want them to be.

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    Hi Rahul,

    Not only u but all of the students after HS, become nervious, i'm also. Don't be afraid. Your story and my story was same but now i am successful in my career.
    You can choose Accountancy if your Math. is well known or Marketting if you have a business mind. And as well as do some Personality course beside your place and engage these days with computer course.

    Best Regards

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    Careers after XII are plenty. So introspect yourself and find out what you like and will want to pursue as your career.
    What do you want to do? if you are not interested in a career in accounts then go for something like visual graphics or something in the arts stream. nowdays there are so many options available...
    I give some option to you:
    CA, CWA, CS, LLB, BBA, BMS, Mass Communication.

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    hi there
    there are many options after XII commerse like you can go for B.Com,or can go for BBA, or another option is BCA or you can go for M.Sc.(IT) five year intigrated Post Graduation Course, or you can also go for CA.

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    hi rahul,

    Dont get upset .There are a variety of courses that can be done after commerce 12th.I will list some of the many...

    its always safer to go for a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree at the least after 12th, and continue to M.Com if you're still interested.

    the other choices are...

    a) Charted Accountancy
    b) Company Secretary
    c) Chartered Financial Analyst
    d) Actuarial Science (related to Insurance, Financial Analysis of companies etc.),
    e) MBA (you have to write the CAT for that)

    and other such courses etc.

    You could also opt out of all this stuff and try for a marketing job or something directly (in which case you wont have luck anywhere if you haven't even done B.Com).

    Oh yeah, there is also the choice of going to IIM's or XLRI's etc. where you'll really get a great boost to your commerce knowledge and fantastic job offers after passing through.

    Yet another bonus which I forgot to mention is that you are not restricted to business related courses alone. You can even join computer-related courses offered by various institutions like NIIT, Arena etc. for further expanding your field and skills.

    Also keep in mind that you can do multiple courses at once - for example, I'm doing B.Com, CA & GNIIT simultaneously.

    By the way, I've probably not mentioned half the options you can choose from. I'm pretty sure there a lot more to Commerce than what the eye can directly see.

    Now who said that the Science field has a lot more variety and scope than the Commerce field??

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    u can do BBA. also u can do B.COM . also u can do BA. or u can do D.ed

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    Hi Raghu,
    there are plenty of options available to commerce students after 10+2.
    If you want a conventional or routine option, you may opt to do bachelor of commerce degree and then go for M.Com.
    But if you are thinking to do something better and different,then you should opt for CA provided by ICAI. Now ICAI have a course curriculum that you need to do your B.Com parallel to CA course.

    Otherwise you may also opt to be a Works & Costs Accountant by joining in ICWAI.

    You may also opt to be a Company Secretary.

    Choice is yours.But do remember one thing - whatever course you join, try to grasp as much knowledge as possible.

    With regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Editor - Forums & Resources

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    Hey there is just a lot of things that you can go for..
    1)You can go for BBA.
    2)You can go for B.Com and side wise you can also do CA.
    3)You can also go for marketing if you really have a business mind.
    4) You can go for fashion technology as well.
    5)You can go for hotel management as well.
    6)Yes , you can also go for direction line(from a good film institute) if you want.
    7) Animation is also a good option if you are interested in computers.

    Just remain cool and then think regarding various options . You can also consult with your teachers because they have been with you for many days and may deliver you a better solution as they know you well.
    Anyways there is a good deal of time in your hand. so be wise and think posi+ively.

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    B.Com. / CA / CS / ICWA are some the much suitable options for commerce school pass outs. I am providing you a link containing many career options in commerce stream-

    All the best friend....


    Sharath V S
    Diamond member,
    India study channel.

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    hi rahul

    B.Com. / CA / CS

    is d best option available in delhi if you are
    they also hav increasd d seats dis year you hav to purchase d form on 6th june

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    A lot of option is there but only problem is that u need to select correct.It is based on your interest.You can go CA,ICWA,CS,LLB,Bcom. Also there are lot of graduation course like finance,accounting,marketting,etc..Also hotel ,turisum so many

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    Dear Rahul,

    Looking into your standard as well as the financial condition, I would rather suggest you to go for B.COM after 12th instead of going for professional courses like C.A and I.C.W.A etc. which are little bit tough. For those courses you may need private coachings which you may not able to afford at present. Better complete your B.COM, take up a job if the situation warrants and after that also you can go for CA, ICWA, MBA etc.

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    dear rahul,
    if u have financial problem then i would like to sugges u plz. attand any part time job or join any LIC company by that u can continue ur farther study.
    in market so many person continue thier studdy with own earning.

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    HI rahul
    u can do any one of the following
    E-com with c.A
    wish u all de very best to success in ur well.and try to place in campus interview

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