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    How to make children's memory Sharper

    How to make our children's memory sharper,Every day they are getting very little time to study by them self, after spending lots of time in School and in this short time how they can remember a big question answer after going through once or twice.
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    Hello friend,

    Now a days children has to do many things continuously, they has to concentrate on school studies than tuition and sometimes extra activities also. Than they are left with very less time to rest and revise. So sharpening of the child memory is the requirement of the day.

    For sharping the child memory follow these simple tips:

    Right food -
    Some food are found having the ability to improve human memory like- almonds, walnut, certain type of fish, flex seeds etc, who has omega - 3 fatty acid. So include these food item into your child diet will sharpen his memory.

    Avoid junk food -
    Studies has shown that food containing trans fats like chips, french fried and baked food has worst impact on human memory. It is associated with narrowing blood vessel in the brain causing less blood flow in the brain.

    Have adequate sleep -
    Adequate sleep make the brain more alert, hence, you learn better. Eight hours of sleep is required for brain to function in a better way.

    Physical exercise -
    Exercise is also very important for a good memory. While you doing exercise your blood flow increase and your brain get more blood and oxygen and nutrients.

    Follow these tips and see the difference.


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    Its very pity now-a-days to see our children busy with books and tuition all 24hrs in early stage.Parents have vital role in children growth and health.

    1.This is a simple exercise.In a tray,you can put daily use products like comb,brush,ink bottle,straw,spoon,etc(around 15 articles) and show it for 2 min to them.Then hide the tray and ask the kids to name the articles.You can do this fun game daily so that your child's memory power increases day by day.

    2.Greens varieties,like vallarai keerai,increase memory power.You can make dishes with it.I have given below a website link.You can refer for the dish.

    3.You can give milk thrice a day.

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    Now a days parents want their children to excel in everything and they want them to be first in all activities. Earlier days people used to have more children and hence concentration on one child is not very heavy.

    For example, earlier days 5 sons they used to name them each with the name of one God like Rama, Ganesha,Krishna, Govinda etc.,.

    But now a days only one child the name is like venkata rama gopala bhaskara sai subrahmanya srinivas.

    Same is the case with their performance also. They want a IAS, an international player,a singer,a dancer,an artist all in one.

    Hence the pressure on the child is increasing.

    Under these extreme conditions and demands children are loosing their memory power.

    So first of all try to reduce the pressure on them and allow them to excel in the field what they like.


    always confident

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    hi friend,

    Few Steps to make children's memory sharper:

    1.Try to develop possitive attitute in your child.

    2.Include Ghee and pepper in your child's food.

    3.Soak 2-5 almonds in water overnight. Give them to your child before breakfast.

    4.Make a habit to play puzzles and mind games.

    5.Give a small piece of ginger with a pinch of salt before food.

    6.Ash to children to do yoga of deep breathing daily.


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    Above suggestions by vany and shwah are really fantastic. But such thinks like sharper memory are quite unmeasurable , you can just have faith that your child's memory is becoming better as he is eating two almonds daily. I am not saying,that it won't work, no doctor will claim that it will work.

    So what should be done.Look for sum alternative solution like better time management, If your children are in 11-12 std than you should look for a school,which have less extracurricular activities and even i will recommend less school timing. I am teaching for IIT-JEE since a decade and very well understood how unknowingly students waste their lot of time in school.
    Give following advice to your children:

    1. Improve their reading speed, faster you read , more concentrate you will be hence you will grasp more in less time.

    2. To read faster use pencil and drag it word to word. It will improve your focus as your eyes will be focused on just one word where pencil is.

    3. Improve your eye-gauge in free time, eye-gauge means how many words they can read in a glance.

    4. Take break of about 2-5 min after every half an hour of study, it will improve retention as retention power varies inversely to time duration. Use these 2-5 minutes to refresh and try deep breathing or palming (close eyes with palms) .

    5. Use school timing properly specially free or game periods by keeping formula book in pocket.

    6. If available, use coaching in place of private tuition's as it will save transaction time and money both.

    7. Read tough or non interesting subjects first.
    8. Keep book near bad and read things which are to mug up just before sleeping and immediately after waking up ( immediately means immediately not after brush and breakfast ) Brain is fresh during this period and you can memorise faster.

    you can read following article for more ideas


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    Today's children face a lot of competition and it becomes extremely difficult to cope up with all the daily activities in time. This sometimes leads to poor memory. But this can be tackled with good care and few eating habits and good exercise.

    Firstly, children should be calmed down for a proper daily routine.

    -For this you can give your child 1-2 sweet apples daily in the morning.
    -Also, you can give Amla ka murrabba every morning.
    -Give 1 tsp of gulkand with a glass of milk every evening.

    These 3 things will surely calm your child and help gain mental and emotional balance.

    Now Few steps to improve your child's memory-

    - make it a habbit to give 2 glasses of water before going to bed daily.

    -a little cinnamon powder mixed with some honey taken every night helps to relax and improve memory.

    - exercise and yoga too are beneficial. Imbibing a regular habit of doing some breathing exercises can relax nervous tension and boost memory.

    -playing puzzles daily for some time is also good. Try Sudoku.

    - avoid excessive hours of study. In between study, your child should relax for some minutes before getting back.

    - include lots of green veggies and citrus fruits to keep your child fresh.

    Many things go a long way in boosting memory power. But the above outlined steps by me are just a few little easiest things which can be easily practised at home daily..

    All the very best!

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    There are lots of good answers here in the responses, however to get some balance of opinions here, I want to mention that every child is valuable and needs love and encouragement irrespective of their individual talents and/or capacity.

    Many parents push their children to the brink of burn out just to keep up or do better than the neighbour's kids. So parents please don't make your children scapegoats for your own pride. Children should be allowed to develop an all-round personality and encouraged to excel in the field they are gifted with, not what the parent desires. Sometimes, it may be a challenge to find out what that gift is, but I believe most parents will already know this about their own child.

    Teach children to be better citizens and practice what you teach. Love them unconditionally and of course do all that you can to help them grow and succeed.

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    The following are the best proven methods to make children memory sharper:

    * Talking clearly with high facial expression and gesture will help to make children memory sharper.
    * Reading bed time stories loudly will make the children to understand the text materials along with language will increase imagination power which help to sharpen the memory.
    * Allow children for any physical activities like playing, sports and game with friends to help them improve memory and health development.
    * Playing chess and video games will make memory sharper.
    * Solving riddles and cross words puzzle will sharpen their memory.

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    These days children have so many things to do, apart from studies lot of other extra curicular ativities. few things as a parent you need to keep in mind..

    First thing you need to remember is, dont force your child to study or do anything, let them free, let them do on they own, you just stand by them, what you all need to do is encourage and appreciate them for what they are doing.

    you dont force them to tell you what happend in school today, the way you treat them and encourage them, they will automatically come to you to tell you what happened in school.

    buy them lot of activity books, which will sharpen their minds, which make them think and develop, when they come to you for a doubt, help them, dont ignore them..

    all the very best...

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    You want to know how to make the childrens memory sharp? Awistful wish ,this! Whoever has made a cutter for memory shapening?except the pencil sharpener?
    The most you can do is to find it out inyour child what is it that interests him the most.And let him do without you interfaring into it.Rather give him/her your maximum support and encouragement.You won't need any cue for sharpening his memory as he/she will excellon their own merits/ memory.


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    Hello friends,
    to sharpen your child's memory..
    i think to make it happen..
    first of all provide him comfortabole environment at home so that he can learn and ask any questions to parents freely...
    GOOD FOOD is also essential part for improvement in its growth..

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    Hi Friends,

    I do agree that there is a lot of pressure on children today to perform not only in school but also in extracurricular activities. Too high expectations from the parents raise anxiety levels in kids, making them more prone to forgetfullness. To improve retntion discipline in terms of study hours(not more than 2 hrs ) should be inculcated and the rest of the time should be available to the child to pursue his or her hobbies. This will enable the child to look at studies favourably.
    7-8 hrs of sleep for a child is a complete must.
    It would also help a great deal, if the child is able to associate what he studies with things he can relate to and which will make it easier for him to remember. Eg Alexander Graham Bell, invented Telephone- So here the child can associate " Bell" with the phone ringing. This really helps!!!!

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    Hello friends,

    The responses given by all the friends are worth full. purely it is not depended on the food habits or exercises.Any how those are also a part of the theme. If you ask any child of the story of a movie he has watched he will be very happy and starts telling the story which will be in his memory. But if you ask to say tables he will not be that interest. How a child who is having less memory can say the story of the movie he has seen?

    The reason is very simple. 1)The thing which is seen and taken photograph by retina keeps it memorable in the mind.

    2). The child has watched the movie with lots of interest as his favorite hero has acted in the film so he has to see with curiosity hence made him remember every scene from that movie.

    The reason I mentioned this is to say that any thing done with interest can be kept remembered for longer time.

    As far as child memory in regard with studies is concern only thing which can make him to remember is to make him to repeat the thing by closing the eyes by which he can keep it in memory box of the brain. No doubt that diet also will take much importance in keeping children healthy thus increasing their memory power.

    Here I suggest a set of books written by Bapan which are available in the market regarding how to improve memory power.

    Following are the fundamentals which are taught in teachers training how a boy keep the thing in his mind.

    1).The percentage of memory of readings which he reads will be less if compared to writings.

    2). The percentage of photos of memory which he has seen will be less if compared with a movie.

    3). The percentage of the practical of memory which he has done along with others will be less in comparison with self done practical.

    So any learning with self touch, feeling , interest will help in keeping in memory for long time.

    But the the commercial age (present days) made it little difficult as every parent left the things to the schools and teachers where no management has labs , ground for plying, infrastructure for learning. In those conditions how a child will lern and keep it in mind for memory?

    Thank you very much

    With regards
    Satyaprasad Komaravolu

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    Very nice suggestion given by our friends and it is very important thing for the children for active memory and extra talent. Because not the life is very competitive in this technology world and from starting age if we take care of our child then this is the right time and right choice for their future.

    I think you might be seen the movie 3 idiots, because if you give your child the choice as per their wants then they will more active and can choose the activity as per their life and may achieve what they want in their life.

    Some children are very expert in study, some are expert in drawing, some are expert in music etc..

    So I advise to you that first you should take the decision as per their needs not as per your mind.

    If the children taking interest in specific activity then they can learn lot of things from this activity.

    By nature all the children are god gifted and already have the sharp memory, so we can do small thing is that we can only shape their life and all things they have to do.

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    Parent's attention is essential for improving child's memory sharper with proper nutrition and guidance. I have tried to high light some important tips for child health care and improvement techniques of IQ. the following URL may be helpful guidance of making child's memory sharper.

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    In the world of busy life, parents must give time for children and their attentions and proper health care will give helps for mental growth. The children must spend time with the grand mother or grand father if they are living in joint family.

    The stories of grand mother helps to extend brain powers of kids. We must give proper diel containing Pure Ghee to kids that is basic requirement for growth of brain power. Almonds are very useful for this.

    Also there are Ayurvedic medicine available called Shankh Pushpi in the market. Also the cow milk is best for the memory of kids.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    Memmory plays a vital role in everybody's life. Right from the stage of pre-scheool kids till the adults retire from service.

    Children should highlight the new and difficult words, key points when they study for the first time.Learn the meaning of those words. Memorise those key points and difficult words, spellings, etc. Second time whey they revise the same lessons, they will find it easy to remember the whole portion.

    Most important thing is to tell the children to pay attention the class. Immediately, practice the lessons learnt everyday whether in tuition or at home. Give them an environment, calm and quite where they can sit and study peacefully. This makes a lot of difference.

    Either early in the morning or late in the evening, children must study at least for an hour daily. They should choose a particular timings which suit them.

    Almonds are good to enrich the memory. Soak 3/4 almonds overnight and the next day, remove the skin and give it to the children in empty stomach.

    If they are comfortable with audio-visual learning, you can encourage them to have a better understanding.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    There is no concept like sharpening memory power. Every child is born with same memory. The changes occur due to circumstances and surroundings in which the child grows.

    Memory can grasp more in a younger age, so it is necessary to mold the memory in a good way during young age. Most of the adults have the tendency to avoid questions asked by children thinking that the child is too small and would not understand the answer or they just avoid the child's questions simply. But it is a good practice to answer children questions correctly. Whatever is thought to the child at young age is easily grasped by the brain.

    So even if your child asks you why does the sun come out only in the morning, try to explain him the reason though at that moment you will feel like a naive person.


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    I am sure that your kid's memory is perfect . Almost everybody has a perfect memory on this planet . The problem is our mind considers only those things important that are firmly imprinted on it .Anything imprinted haphazardly is quickly erased by our subconscious mind and deemed as garbage . To firmly imprint anything curiosity and interest are needed. Try to make the subject matter interesting and simple for your kid . Instead of rote memorization help him understand the text and convey it in his own words .
    There is no edible or ingestible pill or food supplement or food items that can improve memory. Although such claims are made by half educated people or by firms selling such products but it is a hoax . I have yet to come across a person who made his way to the world memory championship because he ingested some potion or elixir .
    Do not label your kid as a kid with a poor memory but tell him the truth that he is forgetting because he did not remember in the first place . He did not remember because the subject matter was not interesting or complex . Once you put the label , he will develop a poor memory swiftly .
    some kids do have poor memory because of low I Q or other factors . Nothing to worry as artificial memory methods are available for such kids . Have you heard of Dominic o Brien ? He is from U S and five times he won the world memory championship. As a child he had an extremely poor memory because of a brain disorder . When he grew up he developed as well as mastered the journey method of memory . You can google and understand journey method but it is quite complicated for a child but the child can master the link method of memory that was developed by harry lorayne . Help the child connect things to each other and explain to him a topic using mind maps or spider maps . kids love to process things visually rather than linguistically. So depict the text in visual form .
    We need to get over Macaulay's educational policy and teach our kids to think and analyse things before learning synthesizing things . Memory is considered the lowermost rung of talent. Einestein had a very poor memory but his thinking made us shoot for the black holes . Even if your kid has a poor memory let it be . Let him blossom and he will find something useful in him . If he gets too much worried about his poor memory , he will waste his time and energy lamenting over memory and hence fail to develop other latent skills .

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