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    Eating cucumber when stomach is empty

    Is it safe to eat cucumber early in the morning when the stomach is empty? Can we have a cucumber salad empty stomach?
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    There could be a better snack early in the morning other than the cucumber salads.There of course is no harm in it.
    make it clear.If your immune system is strong,nothing untoward will ever happen to your body systems.When it turns weak,even water will make you sick.


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    There is not harm in eating cucumber salad early in the morning. In fact, when you are dieting it is said that have more and more of cucumber and carrot salads to fill your stomach than filling with junk food and rice. Better have some milk or tea along with the salad if you feel its harmful when eaten in empty stomach

    Vidya Priyadarshini.BN
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    Cucumber is the nice for youur bodya s it gives coolness to your body and eyes.Anytime you can consume it espescially with spicy foods.Arabs eat cucumber with all their foods as it created good deigestion and causes cooling to the body espescially in summer.So it is definitely no harm in havin cucumber.People who are prone to sinus may get cold if eaten ealry morning.

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    yes,perfectly ok,with its fibre content.
    take it with lemon

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    Cucumber Contains fibers, minerals and water soluble vitamins hens the nutritional density proves to be very interesting.
    Cucumber has many vitamins: vitamin B, vitamin C and even a bit of vitamin E.
    Cucumber is rich in water, it provides potassium and some sodium. Cucumber juice taken on an empty stomach has good and effective properties.
    Cucumber should always be eaten in an empty stomach, as it acts as to detoxify your system and supplying more energy in body.

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    Cucumber is good for health as it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron etc at morning if you eat it in emply stomach then it will cure and help in kidney and urinary bladder disease, Liver disease.

    Also a mixture of cucumber juice with carrot juice is said to be beneficial for conditions resulting from excessive uric acid in the body.

    I always take cucumber / onion sandwitch in morning breakfast.

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    HI,If I sit down and start eating a cucumber by it's self my stomach will start to feel EXTREMELY hollow and empty after the first few bites and it will only get worse if I continue eating it.
    According to Cron-O-Meter 1 pound of cucumber is only 68 calories and it can take a while to eat a pound of it, so I'm guessing that's why eating it makes me feel like I need to eat something more dense. (I've also heard people claim that it requires more calories to digest a cucumber than they provide but I don't know if there is any truth to that.)
    Other low calorie foods don't seem to give me this problem. I can eat a solid pound of just lettuce or celery without getting that hungry feeling, and I can eat 8 - 10 tomaotes in a row and actually feel kind of full from it, so I'm wondering what it is about eating cucumbers that makes me feel 10 times hungrier than I was before I started eating them. (Even if I don't feel hungry before I start eating a cucumber, I will start to feel like I haven't eaten in a few days by the time I'm half way done with it.)

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    Don't eat in empty stomach not only cucumber, but also anything.
    One glass of water is best thing for health after that if you want to eat cucumber then please eat.

    I feel water is the best medicine for the human body.

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