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    How to get rid of lizards?

    I have many lizards in the house. They are irritating me. I dont know what to do. Some said keeping egg shell is a remedy. But it is not working. ow others say keeping Peacock feather is a remedy. Is it true? please give a quick and practicable solution.
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    You can do many things. With metal screens, you can cover your windows. With sealants, you can patch the tiny openings in your house. You can try to use Flypaper that can be an effective way in getting rid of lizards!

    Hope this helps you.

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    Duplicate posting!

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    This is a very common problem to almost every body specially in India. Probably you have observed that when a.c machine is running in the room room you will never find any lizards.
    I am giving the following simple detail and proven tips to get rid of lizards at home:

    Home lizards are not venomous but the some species of snake are venomous. Both of then like very quiet place to live in. Venomous species of snake like to kill and eat lizards specially in jungle area. Lizards are by nature afraid of snakes. On that basis if you put some toy rubber or plastic snakes on four corners of the room at least for a week you will find no lizards in the room.
    Alternatively fixing empty egg shells on four corners of the room will also drive out lizards from room.

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    Just put empty egg shells on the selves. This will keep awya all the lizards from room. This is best way to get rid of lizards.

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    In a way you should be thankful to lizards,because they eat cockroaches.

    But to your problem,try and keep the house clean. Do not dump litter everywhere.

    Throw away old cardboard boxes etc that you don't really need.

    Lizards hide under them. Shift and rearrange things often. Objects kept in the same place will invite insects of all sorts.

    I really don't know if old egg shells will help. I tried once but they were of no use.

    I even bought an object that the buyer saidwill drive away lizards. I was to stick this plastic button like thing on the walls that the lizards frequented.

    The lizards walked over the objects. Keeping the house clean and empty off unnecessary things might be the only help.

    Keep doors and windows closed. Seal shut breaks and chinks in windows.

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    Nobody has given a good answer to this question. I do have the same problem in my house and there is no way out. I think there is a possibility to get rid of lizards from your house. That I do not know. Somebody in India Study Channel give a good and effective answer to it please.

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    If you really want to get rid of lizards then you first make sure there are no insects and flies entering your house. Lizards generally target small insects and flies which are attracted towards the bulbs and tubes. This is the main area where you will find lizards.

    In the day time when there is nothing for them to eat they will hide themselves behind the doors or Almirahs or areas which are not accessed much by the members of the house.

    Make sure that the windows and doors are closed especially during the evenings and nights so that the insects and flies do not enter the house. This will atleast reduce the number of lizards into the house.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Rana

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    All the answers are guesstimations! No any fool proof suggestions above. Ido expect that more informed information will pour to this grand query about lizards.

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    keep your house clean. House living lizards are useful in many ways. So, no need to drive them away from the house. For instance even if you drive away this time ,after few days they will be there. So , not needed.

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    House lizards are among the most common pests we have to deal with in our homes. Like every living creature these critters need to eat, and the reason lizards are living inside your home is because they do not have to search for food. This means you either have cockroaches and ants or a lot of winged insects get into your home during the evenings.
    What you can do is have mesh doors and windows installed at home, to keep away insects that fly into your abode at night. Their size does not matter, because a lizard will feast on them – big or small. Get rid of cockroaches and ants and you will be fine.
    The best home remedy to keep your home lizard free is to keep egg shells in places they frequent - behind frames on the walls, on top of cupboards and cabinets, between the window and the curtain etc. Lizards are allergic to the calcium in the egg shells. Just make sure the egg shells are washed and dried before you place them around. The lizards will disappear within a few hours – make sure you leave doors and windows open for their easy exit.

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