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    How to plan my daughter's first birthday??

    Hi friends,

    I want to celebrate my daughter's first birthday..

    Please help me as to what all should i include in the party.There will be around 20 kids in the party..

    What kind of cake, what kind of dress, what kind of food, and what else can i do to keep the party lively?

    Regards, madhuri..
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    Hi madhuri,
    First, congratulation for the first birthday of your daughter.
    I think you are planning the birthday party first time, that's why you sound very excited.

    You can choose the cake as per your taste(Because your daughter is small)like - chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, and butterscotch.
    I would suggest strawberry cake for your daughter birthday.
    Choose a pink dress for your daughter matching with strawberry cake.

    Children like snacks very much, so include wide variety of snacks in the party menu for the kids. Spring rolls, chips, mini-pizza, noodles, and momoes are some examples of snacks item which can be included in the birthday party.

    Other than the food, you can plan some games for the kids to enjoy the party like- musical chair, pass the parcel etc.

    One more thing I want to add here, try to avoid the ritual of blasting the balloon with toffees before cutting the cake, because the loud sound of blasting may scared your daughter.

    I want to share one of my experience of attending the birthday party of a one years old girl child, as soon as the balloon was blasted with toffees, the child scared and starts crying non stop, no body was there to cut the cake all the party mess up afterward. So be careful about the child.

    I hope you will arrange a good birthday party.
    Congratulation once again.


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    Hello Madhuri,

    How To Plan your Child's First Birthday

    1. Deciding the guest-list is the first requirement, which you have sorted already.

    2. Now it is your budget. WHatever you plan try to adhere to your budget, which will save your effort to control things in order. Because in the first day parents show the tendency to spurge beyond means.

    3. Prepare the menu keeping in mind the age of your guest(kids/adults/both). Don't go for spicy unmanageable food items which your guests cannot handle by themselves.

    4. Now plan return gift for the kids. They will forget the menu immediately but discuss the return gift till the next birthday party. Pack them beautifully by the.

    5. Minimise the decor, idea is to engage the kids and let them enough space to play arround.

    6. Nothing can beat a Chocolate cake when you serve it to kids.

    7. Home-made cookies (if possible) of different attractive shapes like stars, balls, ducks, micky mouse, bunny etc are simply loved by kids of all ages.

    8. Don't devote too much time on dress, your daughter now wants comfort, she doesnot understand about pretty dresses.

    9. And above all give as much time possible to your daughter. So take help of others(family member, friends or professionals to arrange things) so that the Birthday girl gets the best of time from you.

    10. Lastly don't forget to get things recorded by a professional/ friend.

    Hope the first Birthday of your daughter becomes as much a memorable moment like the one of her birth.

    Runa N. Borah.

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    Be careful not to tell her untill the last moment.Let it be a sudden surprise for her.For that you will have to arrange the party in some restaurant to keep it a secret from her.Try inviting her most of friends.

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    Hi, Ashish

    Madhuri is talking about celebration of her daughter's first birthday i.e one year old.


    You have received many suggestions and hope you will read them and finally select the choice that would fit into your budget.

    Be careful while choosing the food items for the kids as well as for the guests. Do not go for too many varieties. Wastage will be more then.

    Throwing parties in hotels or at home completely depends on your convenience and financial budget. Do accordingly.

    Arrange to capture the event by video recording as well as still photographs of your child and guests.

    You must be having a list of kids whom you will be inviting. Chalk out the name and age and buy some nice gifts according to their age, wrap the gift in a attractive packet, and label it with name of the kid, present it at the end of the party, as a return gift from your end.

    With best wishes and blessings to your daughter to have many more happy returns of the day.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    Dear Madhuri,

    Are you planning to make it a religious one also along with a social one?

    If you are,then I will tell you how we celebrated my son's ayush homam.

    There was a homam in the morning complete with guests and pundits and a traditional ganapathi homam and auyshhomam with all the elders showering their blessings on the child.

    We had a grand party in the evening at home itself.

    Two days earlier we called on the best confectionary shop and asked them for their list of birthday cakes. They usually have a large pohoto album of their big cakes.

    You can choose your size,shape and color of the cake with changes in color pattern or decorations as per your choice.

    Next we went to a gift shop where we bought many little gifts(they need not be very expensive).We bought fancy shaped pencil boxes,funny tiffin boxes,kiddo umbrellas etc.

    Then we bought even smaller gifts like paint boxes,crayon sets in plenty. These were all gift wrapped.

    Colorful balloons,streamers and little stars and birds done in thermacol are available in the market. These were bought and stuck on the walls with glue.

    My son's name was also stuck on the wall(where it is still stuck today-nobody has the heart to take them down)

    In the evening as each family entered the party room we filled a big cardboard box of small gifts and asked each child who entered the room to put his or her hand in and pick a gift for themselves.Even a shy child I noticed became relaxed after he got a nice gift for himself.

    Games like memory game(where many things are arranged on the table the children given a few seconds to look at them and recall them),musical chair,treasure hunt etc were arranged and a coordinator(any memeber of the family who is lively enough to keep things going) took care of the games.

    The winner of each game was given a present from the pencil or the tiffin boxes or any other.

    In some parties I notice parents heaping a lot of goodies in small paper plates. The child will have to balance the plate in onehand and eat with the other. The result would be a mess on his dress and on the floor.

    Buy large paper plates and order for a decent number of snacks only.

    You can have ice creams or cool drinks(not in winter,please,the children will be tempted to eat an ice cream and get a cold). If you want to serve softdrinks keep some in the fridge and some on the table for children who are allergic to cold and cough.

    You can order for gulab jamuns or pista rolls and keep spicy snacks a litte less spicy.I have often seen small children bite at a piece of samosa and scream that it is too spicy.

    All the best

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    Thank you Shwah, Ashish, Runa,Gayathri and Sushila for your lovely ideas on celebrating my daughter'r first birthday!!

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    1. First plan your budget!!! thats extremely important.

    2. Fix the menu, if the kids are going to be the major audience, set up the menu with their favourite items.
    *welcome drink any good juice - Say Rasna, tang, mirinda, etc.
    *attractive lolli pops - Shaped like toys and cartoon figures available in markets.
    *ensure good variety food matching the kids - noodles, pizzas, fried rice, cutlets, spring rolls, paneer items, kulchas, etc. it actually suits even the elders. means that you need not spend seprately on elder's menu.
    *serve ice creams and sweets.
    *And obviously a piece of cake.

    This is all about the menu.

    3. Fix the cake you want. Since she is an year old kid try with cartoonic characters cake. like Donald duck, Mickey mouse, Tom and Jerry.

    4. Ensure your family are dressed up in single color. Atleast the three (Dad, mom and Kid). This will highlight that you are the host and looks really gracious!!

    5. Conduct few games for the Kids. Few options are:
    * Musical Chair.
    * Have Cloth clips in a bowl and keep small cloths beside. (Say cut cloths). Ask the children to clip the cloth in a common place allocated to each child. have duration for a minute. Or you can ask them to take clips one by one and clip them onto their mom's saree.
    * fire and the mountain. etc.

    6. Plan some good return gifts for the children who attend the party.
    * good colorful tiffin boxes
    * colorful Foot ball
    * pencil box
    * snacks boxes
    * simple games
    * bubbles, etc.

    Happy birthday to your Kid!!!

    Happy Partying :)

    Vidya Priyadarshini.BN
    (ISC Silver Member)

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