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    What are the career options after B.COm

    i am in TYBcom(accounting&finance).i want to know what are the available study options other than MBA & chartered accountancy
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    Hi Kumar,

    According to me is MBA is costly and after completing T.Y.B.Com if you want to go for CA it is not bad choice but it is very time consuming. First go for CPT than 15 month article than PCC and than article for more than 2.5 yr. and after that you are eligible for CA Final exam.

    There is also a field I think you know very well called M.COM.
    This is 2 yr. course and not much costly. you can choose M.COM in Accounting & Finance or M.COM in Marketing.

    There are many colleges proved this course.

    Ramesh Gupta

    Ramesh Gupta
    Diamond Level Member ISC

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    You can go for Foreign Accounting, IATA Course of 6 month, other certified courses like Fire and Safety, Shipping etc.. all these are small courses and good placement opportunities.

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    Other than MBA and Chartered Accountancy, you have plenty of options if you are a Commerce graduate. You an opt for ICWA/ ACS/CFA if you want to enter into professional field. Other wise you can opt for post graduation courses like M.Com., Master in Foreign Trade,Master of Finance and Control etc.Many universities offer these degrees both as regular and correspondence courses.If you are interested in entering into software field, then you can opt for MCA as well.

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    Hello Kumar,

    You already heared about recession,so before going to higher studies you sholud think twice.A huge competition is there in MBA feild becuase most of the graduate selecting MBA for higher studies.But for C.A (Chartered Accountant),competition less than that of MBA and you can study along with your job.First of all,you search a job in a small firm with your B.Com certifiacte and then go for C.A.Thats better option for you.please let me know,if any queries.

    Siraj CM


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    You have lot of options after apart from CA and MBA,
    You can do LLB along with that do ICWA of ACS, or do MCom and then if you are interested in teaching you can join some college as lecturer.


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    You could pursue a M.Com after that and eventually prepare for Charted Accountancy exam.

    Accounting is a great and skilled profession. You can also seek a job in the Finance and Accounting department in banks like ICICI, JP Morgan Chase etc which pay quite well. As you earn experience you can also prepare for your CA exams.

    You can also learn Oracle and Sql computer programming side by side. Once you pass your CA exams and if you are Oracle proficient you will get high paying jobs in software companies like IBM, Accenture, Oracle as a Financial Functional Oracle Consultant.

    Good Luck!

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    There are wide oppurtunities
    if youare interesed in studies M.B.A
    2.OR You are intersted in teaching field do M.Com
    3.better choice iS CA/ICWA/CS
    if you want to do work means
    join as assistant Accounant in any firm and regiser your resume in, and also many banks offer you a good job
    also do CA/ICWA sie by side

    allthe best for your future

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    I think, LLB would be a good choice. if you like taxation, then after passing LLB you may take a short term course regarding tax file making and tax consultancy it would be a good choice for you.

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    Hi Kumar,

    As you have taken B.Com for grads you are inclined to go more towards financial sector. So, you can take the ICWA entrance exam and do ICWA, after you finish you can write C.A. Inter and try to become a Chartered accountant.
    If you are interested you can also opt for Company Secretary course.

    If you are interested, you can also take up Business Management course with specilisation in Finacial Management. As SAP is very much required in today's competative world in companies, you can do this course also.



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    After BCom there are plenty of Options available
    If you want to persue higher Studies which will enhance your worth in Job Market you can opt for: MBA, MCA, CA/ICWA/CFA
    If you want to look for job opportunities then there are retail sector, Industry and Business, Banking, Hospitality sectors, But then my advise is go for higher studies.
    Alternately you can persue Civil Service exams, Defence Service or Start your own business or Industry

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    hi kumar,

    Dont get upset .There are a variety of courses that can be done after will list some of the many...

    its always safer to go for an M.Com if you're still interested.

    the other choices are...

    a) Charted Accountancy
    b) Company Secretary
    c) Chartered Financial Analyst
    d) Actuarial Science (related to Insurance, Financial Analysis of companies etc.),
    e) MBA (you have to write the CAT for that)

    and other such courses etc.

    You could also opt out of all this stuff and try for a marketing job or something directly (in which case you wont have luck anywhere if you haven't even done B.Com).

    Oh yeah, there is also the choice of going to IIM's or XLRI's etc. where you'll really get a great boost to your commerce knowledge and fantastic job offers after passing through.

    Yet another bonus which I forgot to mention is that you are not restricted to business related courses alone. You can even join computer-related courses offered by various institutions like NIIT, Arena etc. for further expanding your field and skills.

    Also keep in mind that you can do multiple courses at once - for example, I'm doing M.Com, CA & GNIIT simultaneously.

    By the way, I've probably not mentioned half the options you can choose from. I'm pretty sure there a lot more to Commerce than what the eye can directly see.

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    Dear friend,

    Students after B.Com can go for post graduation courses in commerce or finance if they desire to groom there career in finance field. Commerce students can also go for courses in banking and insurance which can open avenues in banking and insurance sector for them too. New career option in financial planning is also available to them. For any information regarding financial planning course,conatct me at .

    Part Time MBA
    Study part time MBA in some of the premium institutes to facilitate your existing career, without sacrificing current job as classes are scheduled before or after regular working hours

    Distance MBA
    Here are cost effective, top Distance MBA courses that fit into your busy schedule and add leverage to your professional career

    there are many other courses you can go for..
    a) Charted Accountancy
    b) Company Secretary
    c) Chartered Financial Analyst
    d) Actuarial Science
    e) ICWAI

    Pravesh Surana

    Pravesh Surana

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    Hello ,
    Even i am a student
    The options are
    The best course is MSW.
    And others are MBA, CA, ACS, ICWA,Hardware and networking

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    dere lots of career options after B. com...

    but,It all depends upon on individuals choice...I mean in what subjects he/she wants 2 do further study or has d interest in it

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    The options are varied but decide before hand what is your area of interest and discover your area of strength. If you are good enough in convincing people then choose marketing. If you have poor inter-personal relationship then sit and work with CA or Tally. If you have confidence in organising and following up things then think of Company Secretary

    All the best for all your future endeavours


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    I wanted to suggest you two things to you at this kind of time.First of all now you are a graduate, congatulations to you on this.Being a graduate now you have reached to a status to do something as occupation as well as to earn. But at the same time it shouldn't culminate your continuity for your further education too. If you are located in a city or town kind of places, definitely you will be having wide spectrum of possibilities for you to do in the field of WORK as well as EDUCATION too.If not you are located in such place also nothing to worry. Now psychologically groom yourself to be prepared for the things what are all coming across to you. Because first of all you need lot confidence in you to do the things as most may look like challenging as its begining to you.Try to target some jobs what are all you feel like particularly you are suitable for that. At the same time you should keep it in mind the competition all around.Just forget about the failures if you come across to any in this process, because FAILURE IS THE STEPPING STONE TO SUCESS. Try to grab even a small job, because it could give you lot overview about WORKING AMBIENCE in turn it could make you strong in the area of work. At the same time try to go for the further education process too, as its also important for you to grow more in the academic arena too. you will bbe having more options like night colleges, correspondence colleges etc. Target the all now, because now you are a GRADUATE and you gained enough caliber to do the both(WORK & FURTHER EDUCATION) at the sametime. So kick start your career to the acme. All the best to you.

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    MBA will be really good only if she/he has work experience at a good level or she/he does it from a prestigious institute
    but please remember CA/ ICWA/ CS are not easy..and fewer people are able to make it through them

    A B.COM student has the following career options:
    CA,CS,MBA,MFC,ICWAI,M.COM,Ph.D etc.From among the categories mentioned above CA is the best .All options mentioned above except Ph.D have two years duration.Corporate houses r eagerly waiting to recruit the persons with above qualifications except M.COM ,Ph.D.An M.COM,Ph.D can opt for the post of lecturer in colleges or universities.

    Good luck

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    Hi! You have wide options after It is itself a very good course. So if you dont wish to study further you can apply for a job . Companies offer a minimum of 10000 salary but good companies offer amazing packages . You can earn 25000-30000 pm in starting itself. And if u wish u study further then you can do MBA in Marketing, HR or Finance. You can also opt for CA , CS , or a professional course from ICWAI. You can also do M.COM , M.PHIL and PhD and after that u can apply for a lecturer job in colleges.
    Good Luck!

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    Hi kumar,

    After Bcom there is no option to get job. Just you want to do higher studies. you can do post graduation courses like M.Com., Master in Foreign Trade,Master of Finance and Control etc., you have many options to do. You can do ICWA/ ACS/CFA if you want to work into the professional field. Many colleges will offer these degrees both as regular and correspondence courses and you can do in part time also.If you are interested in software field, then you can choose MBA or MCA as well. Try to make clear with your friends. Choose your area for your brightful futute. Thank you Mr.Kumar. Keep on posting dude.

    With Regards,
    GOLD member - India Study Channel


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    hi kumar

    1:After B.Com, you can pursue MBA, M.Com, LLB or Masters in any special field like Finance, HR, etc.

    2:You can opt for online degree courses from USA and many other top universites worldwide.1000's of people are pursuing this option these days.They have high value and are in great demand.Some useful sites for complete guidance on "online degree".

    3:You can do M.Com

    4: Honours in any of the commerce field or subjects like accounts,business,economics

    5:Company Secretary



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    after completing your graduation in commerce you can opt for various professional courses such as,
    a) Charted Accountancy
    b) Company Secretary
    c) Chartered Financial Analyst
    d) Actuarial Science
    e) ICWAI

    All these courses have very good future and opportunities after you are successfully completing the same.

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