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    Can thyroid patient conceive

    I am a 33 years old woman. I am trying to conceive. Now I have a problem. recently I have found out that I suffer from thyroid disorder. my thyroid test report is T3 0.68, T4 0.10 TSH 239.540. I am scared that I could not have a baby. PLZ ADVICE ME
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    The matter is serious, There is a possibility the patient you can not stay pregnant due to hyperthyroidism problem.

    Improper treatment of thyroid could be reason for brain damage of your baby in the first stage. It is important to consult with your doctor first to cure thyroid.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    Thyroid can be related to your no conceiving. Thyroid problems lead to no ovulation problems in women i.e eggs are not released due to which they cannot conceive.

    You can check out in detail in the reference URL


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    Don't be afraid. I can understand your situation because I am in also same boat but not a thyroid problem. I TTC from 4 years but not conceived yet.

    Interesting news is that yesterday only I got the information about Ayushakti and I am sure they can solve your problem. Because I had seen so many success from Ayushakti.

    Can you tell me where are you from?
    Also not Ayushakti kendra are available in so many states. So dont be hopeless. Somebody there for you to help.
    I am very confident about this Ayushakti.

    If you want to know more you can go to google and search Ayushakti branches and get the appointment.

    There charges are also low. Only Rs. 200 for registration then the Dr. will do the pulse reading and as per pulse reading they will start the next procedure.

    I know because yesterday I called at Ayushakti and they gave me information. I am going to try this and let's see what happen.
    If you can do this you do. There is no harm and no side effect because this is the Ayurvedic remedies including Panchakarma.


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