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    Future for MCA students in India and Abroad

    This is Sadiq doing MCA in Manipal University; I want to know the value of distance education in this country and abroad and what type of job I can get and what will be my position in future?

    Will I get the same value as the regular student of other colleges?

    What is the main criteria for recruitment followed by MNCs in India?
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    The future of MCA students are very bright in the age of Information Technology.

    After MCA we can do serve the IT department of any Government undertaking, Also private companies having IT Department give much salary if the MCA person having some experience.

    Also you can do your business related to Information Technology and can do start a Software Developing Company and need to place some programmers to start work.

    In foreign you can do any type of job related to IT. You have best chance to bright your future.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    In this world of Information technology, the scope of a Master graduate in Computer Applications is manifold. If you are trained well and have good command over English language a bright career is there waiting for you.

    Since the course is all about computer applications, programming languages, system designing, software development, networking and web designing etc, and due to the growth of internet and information technology demand for professionals in these fields are also increasing day by day. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and many other software companies in India and abroad are hiring candidates with MCA. In the government departments also candidates with computer knowledge are preferred mostly.

    If you are excellent in your studies and enthusiastic, the following further opportunities are there:

    1. You can start your own business in the field of information technology. Even with low investments you can start a business as the field of internet and information technology is broader in the sense.

    2. You may design networking for Telecom sectors, Railways and many similar organizations.

    3. You can start a career in computer education

    4. Develop software for large IT companies

    5. Can do web designing and can specialize in the field.

    6. You may start consultancy services in the IT field.

    Regarding distance education Vis-à-vis Regular students, the latter have more opportunities of campus selection etc. But these days whole system of education emphasizes more on information and technology. With the development in the communication and information technology distance education is advancing forward to take the lead position. In this scenario in my opinion MNCs don't bother to insist much for students from regular colleges. Try to prove your personality in the interview. Otherwise, you may try to get some experience first and with proven record of expertise you can still overwhelm the regular students.

    MNCs are mainly recruiting people based on the candidate's previous track record and judge the candidate on interview.

    As there are lot of reconstruction works going on in Iraq , Afghanistan etc the chances of Industry getting a boost is also anticipated. As the American companies are in the fore- run in the race and always prefer to hire candidates from India the scope for further progress is anticipated.

    So,best of luck for a rewarding career!

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