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    Which is better Activa or Aviator

    I want to know which is the better bike Activa or Aviator . Which has the higher average among both and how much?
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    Both Aviator and Activa are good two wheelers. Although earlier Aviator had the edge, but the new Activa is almost at par with Aviator.
    Talking about the on road price at Delhi, Activa will cost you Rs 41,827 whereas Aviator is tagged at Rs 41,374(drum brakes), 45,209(disc brakes)
    Aviator has a more rigid look. Actival is a gentle faced scooter.
    Both have same type of engine ,but Activa has more cc and bhp. Also it has more torque as compared to Aviator.
    In suspension section, Aviator is better with its telescopic,as compared to the hydraulic in Activa.
    Feul tank capacity of Aviator is more by 0.7 litres.
    Also Aviator has a multifocal headlamp(not present in activa).
    So the choice is yours. There is not much difference either in performance or looks.
    Don't worry about the maintenance. Because both are from Honda.



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    Activa is Better than Aviator.

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    Activa is best in terms of Comfort.It can be used by any member of your house.While the height of Aviater is like of any Bike so it is not suitable for childrens and Ladies.

    But if you are looking for better milege then Aviater is a bit ahead of Activa.

    And I advice that please also take a look on Suzuki Access,its better in compared to these scooters.

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    Activa is better because its cheaper than Aviator more over Activa has steel body parts which are available almost everywhere
    It is the most successfull non geared vehicle from the last two years

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    If somebody gives me a choice, I will go for Activa. It is such a smooth and no-nonsense vehicle that you actually enjoy it driving.

    Honda has brought both these vehicles in the market and confused the customers to some extent. The maintenance factor is one which you do not have to worry about. I can say this because I have two Honda vehicles at home (Shine and Activa) and they so not require much of the maintenance.

    The engines of both the vehicles are same and mileage is also around the same mark.

    It would be little tough to make the choice but still Activa has an edge over Aviator

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    I think active is better than aviator due high peak up and fuel efficient mileage. Its sound is much better than Aviator to make unique from others.

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    Activa and Aviator both come from the same production house, i.e. Honda, which is a reputed name in the Indian automobile market as of today. There is little to choose between the two gearless vehicles. Activa has been in the market for around five years now and Aviator has been recently introduced to the Indian market.

    Both the vehicles are priced around Rs 42000. In terms of looks, the Aviator scores above the Activa by a large margin. Be sure to set heads turning when you zip past the streets on the Aviator. Activa though has better power and torque compared to the Aviator. Moreover the seating in the Aviator is a bit high so short women might have to stretch their toes a little bit extra. In terms of handling there is nothing to differentiate between the two. Activa has a 6 litre fuel tank and Aviator has an added capacity of 0.7 litres. Another important factor in the Aviator is that the sizes of the two tyres varies and hence they cannot be interchangeable. But this helps makes it more feasible for long distance rides. The aviator is provided with a superior braking system with disc brakes and also telescopic braking system. Mileages of both scooters are comparable. They vary from unit to unit depending on the maintenance and on average are found to be within 40-48 kms/ltr.

    Go for the Aviator depending on your preferences. But if you want to be on the safer side and want full value for your money then bring home the Activa.

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    in my opinion activa is a little better than aviator

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    In my opinion activa is better than aviator because it gives
    you a satifactoin and full value of your money.
    activa is more popular in ladies and children's in comparison from aviator becuse of it's make and ease of use .
    So i prefer activa and you can say it a family bike or a family scooter.

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