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    which laptop good for me. budget 35000 rs
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    I preferred Dell laptop. The model number is Dell Inspiron 14R T540507IN8. It comes with following specifications:
    RAM: 3GB
    Hard Disk Space: 320 GB
    Processor: Intel i3 core processor
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Web Camera: 1.3 Megapixels with Facial Recognition Software
    Display: 14.0 Widescreen and Resolution (1366*768)
    When we go for laptop, we need to concentrate on the important thing i.e. Battery. In my opinion, Dell's battery is better than other manufactures. The price is around Rs.35,000.00

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    Hello, I totally agree with Karthik and would also like to recommend you to go for Dell Laptop. My recommendation is not based on mere assumption but is guided by my experience in being a DELL user for last 3 years. DELL has always impressed me with all its features by proving its might in whatever it claims to deliver. The battery backup, screen display, ergonomic keypad etc. are some of its key features which makes it stand higher than other laptops in its row.
    Dell 14R and 15R model comes under your budget and has various features and functionalities based on the price range of the configuration you prefer to purchase.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

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    If you think for the best laptop, then you must go for IBM that IBM / Lenovo is the best brand and prices are also reasonable.

    The best thing in the IBM is that they give the laptop with preloaded operating system and all the driver. We do not need to pick CD/DVD for drivers etc. If you want to reformat or reinstall the Laptop in future then we can do it in single key press "Access IBM" blue button at the time of booting of laptop.

    I am using my IBM laptop R-52 Model since 2004 without any problem. I have my IBM Desktop also. So, I recommend to buy an IBM laptop. The after sale service is best in the world for IBM.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

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    1. You can count on the following laptops for your budget limit.
    a. Dell.
    b. HP Compaq.
    c. Acer.
    d. Lenovo.
    e. IBM.

    2. I would recommend to go for Dell as your can configure yourself as what you want and place an order for that.
    3. there is a 24h online servicing and incase of a problem the representatives will come to home as specified.
    4. HP and Sony Vaio are better but for the same configuration you would get at a very high price.
    5. I consider all laptops are similar a shade better here and there. So check out your requirement as for gaming, office, study or general purpose.

    6. Warranty is similar in all models 1 to 3 year max.
    7 Dell 1525 Inspiron is doing good to meet my requirements as far as speed , maintenance,reliabilty service is concerned.

    8. Checkout for the latest compatibility of motherbaords and processor compatibility.


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    Hi Friend
    Some branded Laptops for your Budget

    Toshiba A 100 Price Rs.19000

    1.83 Core2 Duo
    1gb Ram,
    120 Gb Hdd
    Dvd rw
    Card Reader
    OS : Vista Premium

    Lenevo N 100 Price Rs.20500

    1.86 Core2 Duo
    1gb Ram
    120 Gb Hdd
    Card Reader
    Finger Scanner
    OS Vista Premium.

    Lenovo V 200 Rs. 29,000
    System Specification
    Core 2 Duo 2ghz
    1 GB Ram,
    120 GB HDD
    Bluetooth,Card Reader,
    12"Minixbrite Screen,
    Web Cam,
    Finger Scanner,
    OS : Vista Business.

    Sony N 320 Price Rs.21500
    1.6 Core2 Duo
    1gb Ram
    120 Gb Hdd
    Biz Card Reader
    Vista Premium.

    Hp Dv 2670 Rs. 28,500
    2.0ghz Core2 Duo,
    1gb Ram,
    160 Gb Hdd,
    14" Screen,
    Dvd (Rewritable )
    Card Reader
    Web Cam,
    Finger Scanner
    OS : Vista Premium.

    S.Muthu Kumar

    S.Muthu Kumar

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    1.Dell inspiration 15R- Rs 31500
    2.Accer 725- Rs 23504
    3.Dell inspiration 14R -RS 30000
    4.AcCer aspire 5740 -Rs 31000
    5.Dell vastro - Rs 31000
    6.lenovo G560 -Rs 33000

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